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Re: Bug#681726: Time to remove eclipse from Testing? Bug#908023: ITP: netty-reactive-streams -- Reactive streams implementation for Netty Bug#908139: ITP: jsonb-api -- Java API for JSON Binding (JSON-B) Bug#908892: RFS: picocli/3.5.2-2 [RC] Bug#909449: RM: android-platform-tools-swt -- ROM; obsolete, abandoned upstream, FTBFS Bug#909450: RM: androidsdk-tools -- ROM; obsolete, abandoned upstream, FTBFS Bug#909610: ITP: eclipse-platform-debug -- Language independent facilities and mechanisms for debugging with the Eclipse platform Bug#909675: ITP: equinox-p2 -- Provisioning technology for OSGi-based applications Competing repositories for libjlatexmath-java Could somebody look at the discussion at merge 5 Re: debian-java-faq seems to be pretty old - debian-java-faq uploaded Fork of args4j (Was: Usage of private interface H5private.h in libsis-jhdf5-java 18.09.0-pre1) has anybody looked at adoptopenjdk How to replace eclipse compiler in libsis-jhdf5-java java-policy_0.56_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable maven gives warnings while trying to package and even when run by itself. Minimal versions of the class files in buster Minor update to libsvgsalamander-java Re: OpenJDK 11 -- testing needed Processing of java-policy_0.56_amd64.changes Repository java-team/libmatthew-java should be removed RFS: picocli/3.5.2-1 [ITP] -- mighty tiny CLI library for JVM applications Suspect bug in javahelper (Was: Problems building latest version of htsjdk) Re: tomcat9 preview Re: where could I point to documentation about packaging leaf packages when trying to get a new package into Debian ? why doesn't libsurefire-java have a changelog.gz ? The last update was on 06:00 GMT Mon Jun 17. There are 82 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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