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Re: RFS: picocli/3.5.2-1 [ITP] -- mighty tiny CLI library for JVM applications

Hello Emmanuel,

> I'm willing to sponsor the picocli package since this is a dependency of
> JUnit 5.

Thank you for sponsoring picocli package!

I received notification with URL:
https://ftp-master.debian.org/new/picocli_3.5.2-1.html. I see, that
maintainer was changed to Debian Java Maintainers (no problem with
that). Is it standard for Java packages to have maintainer set to
Debian Java Maintainers? Or, is it standard for commonly used Java

> Do you plan to work on other Java packages after picocli?

Yes, I would like to. I have already following in mind:

* Google Auto (for AutoValue): https://github.com/google/auto
* gradle-apt-plugin: https://github.com/tbroyer/gradle-apt-plugin
* my work-in-progress Java CLI tool: https://github.com/kravemir/svg-labels

Or, do you have something else, specific, in mind?

Kind regards,
Miroslav Kravec

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