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Re: OpenJDK 11 -- testing needed

Le 11/08/2018 à 18:33, Emmanuel Bourg a écrit :

> Unfortunately we can't use the version of Gradle in experimental without
> modifying gradle-debian-helper first. Gradle breaks the APIs used by
> gradle-debian-helper, and the fix isn't trivial. I'm considering adding
> a hook in Gradle that gradle-debian-helper could use to rewrite the
> dependencies on the fly, that would decouple gradle-debian-helper from
> the internal Gradle APIs and avoid similar breakage in the future. I
> have no concrete implementation yet, so if you want to dive in, please
> go ahead.

Hi all, quick update from the Gradle front. I've played a bit with the
concept of a hook and I now have a working solution. Once the
implementation is cleaned up and fully tested I'll upload gradle and
gradle-debian-helper with the new mechanism. This should unlock the
upgrade of Gradle 4.4+, as well as ASM 6.1, OpenJFX 11, Spring 5.0...
i.e. the key packages left upgrading to complete the Java 11 transition.

Emmanuel Bourg

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