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!広告! エステ$マネージャー60万円/月 addhost failure with apache 2 packages Apache not compilled with -lpthread apache update not possible? apache-ssl_1.3.24.2+1.47-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED apache-ssl_1.3.24.2+1.47-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED Apache/PHP3 Bug ?? Re: apxs2 doesn't work Bug#132056: marked as done (apache(-ssl)config configuration problem on --force-modules - wrong LoadModule calculated) Bug#141871: acknowledged by developer(Bug#141871: fixed in apache-ssl Bug#141871: apache-ssl: apt-get wants to remove apache-ssl Bug#141871: marked as done (apache-ssl: apt-get wants to remove apache-ssl) Bug#142516: /usr/sbin/apache-sslctl with wrong HTTPD var Bug#142516: marked as done (/usr/sbin/apache-sslctl with wrong HTTPD var) Bug#142909: apache-ssl: Bad symlink in docs Bug#142909: marked as done (apache-ssl: Bad symlink in docs) Bug#142995: fails to start with "/usr/sbin/apache-sslctl: /usr/local/apache/src/httpsd: No such file or directory" Bug#142995: marked as done (fails to start with "/usr/sbin/apache-sslctl: /usr/local/apache/src/httpsd: No such file or directory") a clue? mime tags change with request method... Config exit nicety RE dpkg & start-stop-daemon --retry Error debian apache2 packages Insignificant apache package buglet Name Based Virtual Host Problem Processed: Fixed in NMU of apache-ssl sane packaging of separate apache iteration FW: subscribe Transaction The last update was on 16:52 GMT Thu May 16. There are 40 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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