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Re: sane packaging of separate apache iteration

* Andrew Shugg (andrew@neep.com.au) wrote :
> Quoth David LaBissoniere:
> also a fairly common requirement in a hosting situation - you might want
> to provide unfettered PHP and mod_perl services to your clients, but of
> course don't want each client's PHP scripts etc all running as the same
> local system user.
> Apache 1.3 can't switch user when serving requests (although external
> applications such as CGI scripts can be run as a different user of
> course).  Does anyone know if this situation has changed at all with
> 2.0?  I realise that without running server as root on a conventional[2]
> system the server children won't be able to setuid() to the various
> vhost uids, but it's always possible that someone's thought up something
> clever that hasn't occurred to me.  =)
There is a dedicated server mode in apache2 that allows you to do these
things (it basically forks a seperate, threaded process for each
vhost/whatever, then that process can setuid and whatever else) However it's
still being worked on, and is not working _at all_ in 2.0.35.


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