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Re: Bug#141871: acknowledged by developer(Bug#141871: fixed in apache-ssl

* Matthew Wilcox (willy@debian.org) wrote :
> On Wed, Apr 10, 2002 at 11:58:53AM -0700, Erik Steffl wrote:
> >   I don't know whether it's possible to somehow synchronise apache-ssl
> > and apache-common when uploading the new version or make lintian
> > complain or something else... but something should be done about this
> > re-occuring problem... IMO.
> You're running unstable.  This happens occasionally.  Get over it.
> I suspect things will get better after we move to apache2, simply because
> the CiM problem will have gone.
Well, the problem couldn't exist anyway, as mod_ssl is in the apache2
upstream tarball. So the whole thing would have had to got to non-US 
pre CiM, and now can just go in main.

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