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Re: Apache/PHP3 Bug ??

Quoth Kirk Ismay:
> I've recently upgraded from Slink to Potato, and I've noticed some
> unusual behaviour with some sites that use php3. The reason I think it
> may be an apache bug is the fact that I'm using the same version of
> the php3 module in both cases.
> The work around to fix this has been to set MaxRequestsPerChild to 1.
> But this is probably really inefficient somehow ;)

I've heard that rumoured ...

> On slink, i was using  Apache/1.3.3 (from debian), and compiled from
> source version of php3 3.18. On potato its Apache/1.3.9 and php3 3.18
> both from the dist.

It sounds like some kind of caching problem (by the php3 module).  I
think your best bet would be to contact Petr Cech <cech@debian.org> and
compare your from-source build on slink with his build for potato.  He
may actually advise you to install the php3 package from testing ...

You could also try building it from source again exactly as you did on
slink - I assume you kept a record of the 'configure' options you used.


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