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Re: Transaction

How about 70% for me and 30% for you.
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From: "Kofi Grey" <kofigrey@bigfoot.com>
To: <debian-apache@lists.debian.org>
Sent: Wednesday, April 17, 2002 9:18 PM
Subject: Transaction

> I do hope this letter will not come to you as a
> surprise. It was borne out of my desire to share a
> mutual business relationship with you .
> My name is GREY KOFI. A 47 years Ghanaian national,
> married with a wife and four children. I work as an
> administrative secretary
> in Standard Securities and Services Limited
> in Accra-Ghana.
> I got the information concerning you from the Ghana
> Chambers of Commerce and Industries after due
> consultation with my opinion adviser, I decided to
> contact you believing that by the grace of God, you
> will accept to be my partner in this business.
> I joined the services of this company in 1991 as
> office assistant and have been working with this company for
> nine years, within this period, I have worked with
> states and government functionaries who have been
> using Standard Securities to move huge sums of money
> U.S Dollars, Pounds Sterling, Foreign
> Tiakh(Cash)to their foreign partners.
> They bring in these consignments of money cash and
> secretly declare the contents as jewelry, Gold,
> Diamond, Precious stones, Family Treasure, Documents,
> etc. General Sanni Abacha of Nigeria(dead), Mobutu
> Sese Sekou of zaire (dead) Foday Sankoh of Sierra
> Leone,Babangida of Nigeria etc. All these people have
> hundreds of consignments deposited with Standard
> securities. Their foreign partners friends and
> relatives are claiming most of these consignments, but
> a lot of them are lying here unclaimed for as much
> as fifteen years.
> Nobody has ever come for them because in most cases,
> the documents! of deposits are never available to any
> body except the depositors but most of them are dead.
> Some time last year, Standard Security management
> changed the procedure of claims of consignments.
> As
> soon as one is able to supply answers all the test questions
>  as contained in the secret files of any
> consignment, They consignment will be released to you upon demand
> from our safe storage.
> More than one hundred and twenty consignments belonging
> to Gen.Abacha, and Mobutu have been claimed in the past
> months.
> This is why I am soliciting for your co-operation and
> assistance. Gen. Abacha has 85 consignments deposited
> with several different names and codes. 35 have been
> claimed in the past 6 months. Since he died, the
> first son
> also died in a plane crash and the second son is facing
> trial
> for murderand embezzlement. The family members
> are under
> restricted arrest without communication.And can no longer
> tourch or ask of this consignments as the eyes of their goverment
> is on them and their consignment with us has overstayed their grace period
> I have finished every arrangement for you to come and
> claim consignment NO: 1201 containing US$ 9,000,000.00
> and consignment NO: 1200 containing US$ 12,000,000.00.
> My duty is to supply you with all the information and
> documents by fax or email which you will use to deal directly
> with the management. The procedure is simple; You will
> apply officially to the Director of Operations of
> Standard Securities for the release of consignments
> NO; 1200 and NO.1201.
> They will demand some documents and Secret Codes.
> Reach me, I will supply you with every detailed
> information and you will fax it to them. As soon as
> they confirm it correct, they will invite you for
> collection. If you do not want to come to Accra, you
> can arrange with them to transfer the consignment
> to anywhere but united States of America on agreement.
> Nobody should ever know that I am involved in this deal
> except the Lawyer who will write an Agreement for us.
> I will suggest upon conclusion, 30% goes to you and
> 70% for me. At the successful completion of the deal,
> you will arrange for me and family to come over to
> your country. I am assuring you that this business
> have been arranged for years now. It is very secure and
> risk free.
> Reach me on kofigrey@yahoo.com for further explanation and directives on
> the
> procedure,
> God bless you.
> Yours Sincerely,
> Get back to me via:kofigrey@yahoo.com
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