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Apache/PHP3 Bug ??

I've recently upgraded from Slink to Potato, and I've noticed some unusual behaviour with some sites that use php3. The reason I think it may be an apache bug is the fact that I'm using the same version of the php3 module in both cases.

What's happening is an odd error when I go from one virtual hosted site to another, and they both use php3. In some sites I set php3_include_path and php3_auto_prepend_file in the <VirtualHost> section. Its on these sites that i get:

Fatal error: Failed opening required 'local.inc' in /home/user/public_html/prepend.php3 on line xx.

The odd thing is i'll get that on foo.com, but the error message is referring to files from a different site. This never happened before with the old system

The work around to fix this has been to set MaxRequestsPerChild to 1. But this is probably really inefficient somehow ;)

On slink, i was using Apache/1.3.3 (from debian), and compiled from source version of php3 3.18. On potato its Apache/1.3.9 and php3 3.18 both from the dist.

Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks.

Sincerely, Kirk Ismay
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