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[Debconf-announce] "Wacky Ideas II" BoF (re)scheduled [Debconf-announce] Arrival information [Debconf-announce] Attendee Badges [Debconf-announce] Beds for Sunday night [Debconf-announce] Ceilidh FAQ (19 UTC today, Teviot) [Debconf-announce] Cowgate hostel keys [Debconf-announce] Day Trip Redeux [Debconf-announce] Day Trip Success [Debconf-announce] DayTrip Hurray! [Debconf-announce] DayTrip Information [Debconf-announce] DayTrip on Wednesday [Debconf-announce] DayTrip Update [Debconf-announce] DebCamp Skills Exchange [Debconf-announce] DebConf7 Schedule available [Debconf-announce] DebConf7 Video Streaming "Mirrors" wanted [Debconf-announce] Eben Moglen public lecture, Edinburgh 26th June [Debconf-announce] Feedback for events [Debconf-announce] Feedback for Events and information for Speakers [Debconf-announce] Found: Zip-up sweater [Debconf-announce] Group photo [Debconf-announce] hostel room moves: by 2pm! [Debconf-announce] HP & Debian shirts [Debconf-announce] key fingerprints (ksp-dc7.txt) and public keys (ksp-dc7.asc.bz2) are available [Debconf-announce] Last call for keys for keysigning in Edinburgh during DebConf7 [Debconf-announce] Lost blue Geoffrey Tailor suitcase [Debconf-announce] Lost property box [Debconf-announce] missing set of keys [Debconf-announce] More information about the venue [Debconf-announce] Network details [Debconf-announce] Night venue - volunteers needed! [Debconf-announce] Non-Sponsored Hostel block booking information [Debconf-announce] O'Reilly desk closing at 5pm [Debconf-announce] Orga/volunteer Ts [Debconf-announce] participate in DebConf7 from abroad [Debconf-announce] Queues [Debconf-announce] Room allocation and spare beds to sell [Debconf-announce] Sauna (followup) [Debconf-announce] Sauna Days [Debconf-announce] Sauna organised [Debconf-announce] Sauna! [Debconf-announce] Slides and stuff [Debconf-announce] Sun Drink Reception + Google goodies [Debconf-announce] Travel reimbursement [Debconf-announce] updated Cowgate room allocation [Debconf-announce] URGENT for people in Cowgate hostel The last update was on 23:59 GMT Fri Jun 07. There are 48 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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