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[Debconf-announce] Lost blue Geoffrey Tailor suitcase


Thursday evening I left my blue Geoffrey Tailor suitcase in the small
room [1][2][3] in front of the hacklab-1 door and the day after it wasn't
there anymore.  AJ and Keithp told me that when they picked up theirs
mine wasn't there.  Thus, if anyone has seen it, please contact me, I
need to bring it back or pay 20.00GBP.

Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca

[1] together with AJ and Keithp's ones
[2] this room should be an "off-limit" room, i.e. not intended to be
    accessed by DebConf attendees
[3] inside there's my DebConf7 T-Shirt and a small box for a tie

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