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[Debconf-announce] Feedback for Events and information for Speakers


one reminder about the feedback system plus additional information for speakers:

If you attended a talk or bof or otherwise scheduled event, please visit the
feedback site for this event and give your input on it, as it will help
us with the selection of talks and speakers for the future, and we are
also able to give feedback to the speaker how his event was received.

You can find a link to the feedback system in every version of the
schedule, like on https://penta.debconf.org/~joerg/ or
https://penta.debconf.org/visitor/dc7/schedule or also
https://penta.debconf.org/visitor/dc7/own_schedule :) 

We will keep this feedback system running for about a month.

If you had an event yourself and want to know what the attendees thought
about it (if they did gave feedback :) ), visit


follow "Own Events/Papers" and select the event you want to see details
of. One of the tabs it shows is called "Feedback", giving you a summary
about the various options people could rate and also shows the notes
people can enter into the feedback form.

To all of you, Speaker and attendees, thanks for having helped making
the conference a success, it wouldnt be the same without any talks or
bofs. :)

bye Joerg
Some AM after a mistake:
Sigh.  One shouldn't AM in the early AM, as it were.  <grin>

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