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[Debconf-announce] More information about the venue

Hi world,

a bit more information for you all following:

- Alcohol in Teviot
  Alcohol is not allowed to bring into Teviot. If you want to drink
  Alcohol within Teviot - there is a bar in this building, open daily
  from 3pm til 10pm.

  Non-alcoholic drinks are allowed to bring in, as long as you do not
  bring it into the Cafeteria or Bar.

- External food
  External food is allowed, as long as you do not bring it into the
  Cafeteria or Bar.

- Balcony
  You either already noticed or will do so when you get into the main
  hall in this building that there is a balcony around the room.
  Let me repeat: We are forbidden to get up there, with the one single
  exception of getting a network cable laid there.

- Meal times
  Meal times are 12:00 til 14:30 for lunch and for 17:00 til 19:00 for

  Meals are served in the Cafeteria.

- Opening times of the Venue
  Teviot will be open daily from 09:30 til 22:50, the late-night venue
  from the 16th onwards from 22:00 til the morning.

bye Joerg
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