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[Debconf-announce] DayTrip on Wednesday

One of the traditions that has sprouted with each Debconf is taking a day to
learn more about our hosting country and spend with other developers for
recreation and socialization. We've had many successful DayTrips and have
decided upon another trip that is bound to be equally as successful as
others have in the past. As wonderful and glorious as Edinburgh is in its
antiquity, it's not all of Scotland - and there's so much more to see that
it was difficult to decide how to fit enough of this beautiful country into
one day.

The Isle of Bute [0] promises to offer most of what we wish to share of
Scotland, that we don't believe you'll find in other countries. You've come
several hundred to thousands of kilometers, and you deserve to see what this
country can show off!

A very scenic train ride will get us to Glasgow, and another scenic train
ride will bring us to the port where we will catch a ferry to get to the
island. On the island, we'll see the southern tip of the Highlands, a
gorgeous coastal view and an old castle for us to visit as well as a small
town for shopping and eating pleasures.

There are only 2 downsides. We have no sponsorship for this (yet, if someone
is willing to throw some sponsorship money at us for this trip, the entire
orga team and those who would enjoy the trip would be much appreciative),
which means all costs must come out of pocket. The cost is about 20 pounds.
I hope to get this cost down with an attempt at convincing travel people
that our group is large and thus perhaps earning a discount of sorts. It's
entire possible we can get the cost down if enough people are interested, so
I would like a headcount of people interested. Shoot an email back to me if
you're interested - and let me know what your cost prohibitions are. 

The other downside is the travel time is about 3 hours to reach the coast,
and 3 hours back. The scenery is amazing along the route, and thus, should
prove to be relaxing and offer time for off-line hacking (if you are so
inclined), perhaps a mysterious card game that cannot be named, or even just
relaxing/napping for awhile. This travel time does make it an entire day
trip, but it'll be well worth it.

In summary: train trip to the west coast; ferry trip to Bute Isle; visit the
town, the castle and enjoy the scenery and each other. Cost is about 20
pounds for travel.

I'm very excited about this trip, and I hope you all are, too. Please let me
know if you are interested.

Thanks, all!

[0] http://www.visitbute.com/


Patty Langasek


At times, you may end up far away from home; you may not be 
sure of where you belong, anymore. But home is always 
there... because home is not a place. It's wherever your 
passion takes you.
                                --- J. Michael Straczynski

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