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[Debconf-announce] Travel reimbursement


If you did not receive a travel sponsorship mail for DebConf7 - feel
free to skip this mail.

All others - please visit the FrontDesk (right outside the Upper Talk
Room) and get a Reimbursement Form. Fill it out, basically we need your
personal data, all details about your travel cost and also if you want
the reimbursement to happen in Cash or in Traveller Cheques.
Reimbursements in cash will *always* be in GBP, with the daily exchange
rate applied (if applicable). Traveller cheques can be written in any
currency you want, but note that they can only be paid in your home bank

On Tuesday, 19 June, we will collect your Travel Reimbursement form at
the frontdesk, between 11:00-12:00h and 13:00-14:00h.

Thursday between 15:00-17:00 you should find the way up to the Frontdesk
again, as we will give you your money/cheques at that time. :)

Should you arrive later or have any other questions about it - feel free
to reply (private mail) or catch Ganneff on IRC (or maybe even in RL, in
case you happen to bought some milk :) ).

bye Joerg, for the Travel Sponsorship team
> 20. What would you do if you wanted to retire from the project?
Remove the passphrase from the (secret) gpg key and post it to
debian-devel. The keyring maintainers will lock the account ASAP.

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