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(no subject) [ GIFS and the web page] Re: [nm-admin] NM website has moved! [OT] Re: volunteer about web pages build Any problem with the updating of WWW pages? Bug#27396: marked as done (Debian Emacs Policy should be in the Developers Corner) Bug#41891: marked as done ( not found) Bug#43277: marked as done (Changelog blank in lesstifg-dev, and maybe other packages with symlink /usr/doc/foo) Bug#58524: libz1 -> zlib1g: version needed? Bug#59965: marked as done ( is closed, but still advertised) Bug#61702: marked as done (german installation instrauctions not for sparc but x86) Bug#61889: marked as done ( does no longer support content negotiation) Bug#62366: CVS Interface is not working correctly Bug#62549: the home page is in Russian Bug#63518: Moronic result string when no matches found in package search Bug#63519: Please add link back to search form from package search result pages Bug#64008: No link from bugs to package's page Bug#64362: Empty README.mirrors Bug#64362: marked as done (Empty README.mirrors) Bug#64406: marked as done ( finds removed package) Cainux website delays complete clone of the debian website cvsweb CVSWeb problem, please read Re: Debian WWW CVS: joy web pages [was 'Re: volunteer'] Formway removed from Debian vendors page Re: Formway update in Debian vendors page (Country : Chile) glimpse/list search GUUG delete from Debian vendor page Loss of Archive the modified BSD license is no more no web update today? Obsolete web pages still accessible package-manger : proposed upgrade Re: Pages to help translators still waiting at w.d.o door Problem with event index fixed Processed: another lists-archives bug Processed: merge bugs -- non-US changelogs aren't accessible Processed: merging no-unstable-changelogs bugs Processed: Re: Bug#64406: quake2: quake 2 has dissapeared from the ftp archive! Processed: reassign Processed: stuff for Lists-Archives Processed: this should be implemented in the pkgreport CGI script README.non-US rebuilt toolbar images Re: RFC <grr>okay, i hereby volunteer.</grr> to reiterate, why are there no security updates on the front page? (Or, 17 security holes the security team hasn't told you about) unconditional install -d in Make.common produces unneccessary errors (ignored) Re: Using database driven pages volunteer web pages updates Re: Why is the Debian home page so boring? The Zeroth Debian Conference The last update was on 06:39 GMT Sat May 11. There are 103 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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