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Bug#58524: libz1 -> zlib1g: version needed?

On Mon, May 29, 2000 at 08:25:43PM -0400, Scott Bigham wrote:
> > > I respectfully submit, then, that this automatic libz1 -> zlib1g
> > > translation, at whatever stage it occurs, should include a mention this
> > > minimum version requirement.
> > But the actual dependency cannot have a version since there is no support
> > for versioned provides.
> ?  I must be missing something here.  A versioned provide, AIUI, would
> be an assertion that package A provides functionality equivalent to
> version X.Y of package B.  What I'm asking for is the opposite ---
> an assertion that version X.Y (or higher) of package A provides
> functionality equivalent to package B.

It's not that simple... (maybe I used a wrong term, sorry)

> > The website scripts would have to go over the zlib1g changelog to find
> > out which version was the first one that provided libz1, and that is
> > basically impossible since changelogs are user-oriented data.
> How do the website scripts determine what packages provide what other
> packages? Obviously it can't search the entire database every time; I
> simply assumed that that information was precomputed and stored
> somewhere, and that it would not be difficult to add this additional
> information.

The current Provides: fields are indeed stored in the Packages files that is
parsable and parsed daily by those scripts generating the web pages, but the
version in which a package started providing a virtual package isn't.

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