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Re: complete clone of the debian website

Joey Hess wrote:

> http://www.491.org/projets/api/
> Shocking.

Also see their license link at the bottom!  


: License
:      Copyright © 1997-1998 Application Programming Interface (API_France)
:      06 rue des Petits Hôtels
:      75010 Paris (France). 
: Verbatim copying and distribution is permitted in any medium,
: provided this notice is preserved.
: You may translate these documents and their license into another
: language providing:
:      You do not deliberately change their meaning beyond changes
:      meant to achieve a colloquial rendering in another language
:      Translations of the license must be clearly marked as
:      translations, and the license in its original language shall
:      continue to apply to all translations
:      In the case of hypertext pages, you must maintain a copy of
:      the original page on the same site, and must provide a link
:      from the translated page to its original.

Their license is not the OPL, which breaks the OPL doesn't it?
And they don't seem to refer back to us, which breaks our

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