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Re: unconditional install -d in Make.common produces unneccessary errors (ignored)

On Wed, May 10, 2000 at 07:03:52PM +0200, Josip Rodin wrote:
> Okay. I checked out the whole web tree on va.d.o, and did:
> for i in */Make.common; do cp $i $i~; sed -e 's,-install -d $(HTMLDIR),test -d $(HTMLDIR) || mkdir -p $(HTMLDIR),' $i > $i.n; mv $i.n $i; done
> cvs commit arabic/Make.common chinese/Make.common croatian/Make.common danish/Make.common dutch/Make.common english/Make.common esperanto/Make.common finnish/Make.common french/Make.common german/Make.common hungarian/Make.common italian/Make.common japanese/Make.common korean/Make.common norwegian/Make.common polish/Make.common portuguese/Make.common romanian/Make.common russian/Make.common spanish/Make.common swedish/Make.common turkish/Make.common
> :)
> BTW now that web build is separated from dinstall, could we make the web
> pages build+mirror every twelve hours? I doubt this would harm anyone,
> master is less loaded these days, and mirrors don't care about 100Kb of
> changes...
The point of tying in with the dinstall run was not simply to prevent overload
of master, but also to keep the Packages pages synchronized with the archive
as much as possible.

Here is what I'd like to see happen (a few other issues thrown in here):
 - Package pages generated dynamically (all ports would be handled).
   update would be triggered by the end of the dinstall run
 - list archives and bug pages handled separately from the rest of the web
 - the rest of the web pages can then be mirrored more frequently

James (Jay) Treacy

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