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web pages updates

Hi people,

If anyone was wondering `WTF aren't my CVS changes propagating', and I'm
sure you were :) the answer is that the web site update scripts weren't
running for the last few days. They were too tightly linked to the FTP
archive update scripts, so when the latter were disabled, sometime around
May 1st or 3rd (because the installation of the new ftp-master.debian.org
host), the former stopped functioning, too, unfortunately.

Thanks to Phil Hands' intervention (nudged by me :), the mirroring process
for WMLs will now continue on a daily basis, at 17:30 master.d.o local time,
(that's 21:30 UTC/GMT if I'm not mistaken), until further notice.

Enjoy :)

P.S. Packages/ and other FTP-related things remain unchanged until the
new archive setup is complete, I guess.

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