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Bug#58524: libz1 -> zlib1g: version needed?


> The problem in a nutshell:  The latest version of tetex-bin Depends: on
> libz1.  The Packages page for it,[*] however, lists it as depending on
> zlib1g.  I'm assuming that this translation is being done by the CGI
> script that generates the page (or when the page is updated server-side,
> as the case may be), on the premise that zlib1g Provides: libz1.  The
> problem is that this is only true as of zlib1g 1:1.1.3-5; I had
> 1:1.1.3-2, so the install failed, with no obvious way of telling what
> was wrong.
> I respectfully submit, then, that this automatic libz1 -> zlib1g
> translation, at whatever stage it occurs, should include a mention this
> minimum version requirement.

But the actual dependency cannot have a version since there is no support
for versioned provides. The website scripts would have to go over the zlib1g
changelog to find out which version was the first one that provided libz1,
and that is basically impossible since changelogs are user-oriented data.

You should simply assume that you need the depending packages from the same
distribution as the package that depends on them.

Can we close the bug report? I see no easy way to fix it.

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