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Re: DAM has no competency to make changes to membership structure

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> wrote: [...]
>         You think it speaks ill of people when they are demotivated by
>  people saying nasty things about them, or ascribing horrible motives to
>  them? Amazing.  Me, I would be liable to just break out some beer and
>  watch some movies rather than go online and read the negative things
>  people have been saying, were I in Ganeff's shoes.

The "negative things people have been saying" aren't in the GR.
I've no doubt that Ganneff is trying to act well, but I feel changes
would get a fairer hearing if DDs consider them after the release.
If it demotivates *this discussion* for a while (rather than all
actions), then that's OK.

Also, maybe some behaviour around the GR (like the subject line on
this subthread, for example) is demotivating in general, but that's
less about the GR and more about social (in)tolerances.

>         When will people learn that abusing people, whether they have a
>  role relationship or not, turns them off and makes them less likely to
>  be enthusiastic and engaged? Forgotten the bit about honey and vinegar?

Honey and vinegar sounds like a particularly nasty drink.  I think
honey and lemon would make people happier.  Try it.
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