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Re: DAM has no competency to make changes to membership structure

Joerg Jaspert wrote:
On 11551 March 1977, martin f. krafft wrote:

  The changes announced the 22nd of October on the debian-devel-announce
  mailing list (Message-id: <878wsgmi1j.fsf@vorlon.ganneff.de>) are
  suspended [§4.1(3)].  This suspension is effective immediately [§4.2(2.2)].

I do not understand why we need to do this at all. According to [0],
Joerg has been "empowered to create and remove developer accounts
according to the New Maintainer procedure." He has not been
empowered to introduce new membership classes or restructure
membership in any other way.

I think this was the big error on Joerg proposal: giving different
names (classes) to non-maintainer developers.
If we call the non-maintainer developers (the DME) DD, all the proposal
fits without doubts in the current structure.

It would be one more change of NM procedure, as we
had in last years.


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