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Re: Call for seconds: Suspension of the changes of the Project's membership procedures.

I would second this proposal for basically the same reasons as Lucas, but 
there is one sentence I think needs to be improved.

Charles Plessy wrote:
>   In accordance to the paragraph 4.2.2 of the constition, this
>   suspension takes immediately effect until a procedural vote decides if
>   the supsension is lifted until the vote of this general resolution.

Besides a few grammatical errors and typos, the main problem with this is 
that the second half of the sentence is very unclear. It is also IMO 
unnecessary as what will happen if this GR is supported by enough 
developers to activate the suspension is already described in the 
constitution. Duplicating that here in different words can only result in 

I would therefore suggest to change this sentence to simply:
This suspension is effective immediately (in accordance with paragraph
4.2(2.2) of the Debian Constitution).

s/without judging on their validity/without judging their validity/
s/by the way of a general resolution/by way of a general resolution/

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