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Re: Voice redirection: from mic. to speakers on wheezy laptop [was Mic. does not work...].

Good time of the day, Eike.

Thank You for Your time and answer.
You wrote:

> > N, I have another problem - sound is recorded by ALSA recorder and
> > played by ALSA player. But, I can not hear my voice directly - that
> > is from mic. to speakers - only through recorded file. Do You have
> > any clue on this? What can be the problem?

> Is the microphone switched on in the playback controls [F3]? Is the
> volume set to a reasonable level?

On this screen I have only Master and PCM. So, No.

> Switching on or off with "." (period or fullstop)
> Mic can be off on playback but on on record to avoid feedback.

I got it. Just have no controls for mic. on playback screen. Does it
mean no luck for the system?

I will try to play w/ ALSA modules for my lap. - For then more controls
appeared. May, one of them was the mic. playback.

How strange is laptop's hardware!

> With [F4] you switch alsamixer to the capture controls. Capture
> should be correctly on Mic because you are able to record your voice..
> [F5] shows all controls
> [F1] help


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