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Re: Re: 3G HSDPA/EVDO wireless modem/data card avifile_0.7.48~20090503.ds-3_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Bug#108383: marked as done (Setup druid should notify user of lacking permissions) Bug#116346: marked as done (gnome-pilot: also in libgnome-pilot0) Bug#116410: marked as done (Segfaults when creating new installation.) Bug#117876: marked as done (gnome-pim: gpilot-applet won't let me get started.) Bug#133155: marked as done (gnome-pilot doesn't save neg. user ids) Bug#146346: marked as done (gnome-pilot: infinite loop during restore) Bug#147804: marked as done (gnome-pilot: gpilot-install-file doesn't report out-of-memory errors) Bug#169446: marked as done (wrong assumption on char signedness) Bug#170916: marked as done (gnome-pilot: gpilotd cannot open the local X display) Bug#194070: marked as done (gnome-pilot: gpilot-install-file should not need DISPLAY) Bug#194100: marked as done (gnome-pilot: Hanging synchronization) Bug#194980: marked as done (gnome-pilot won't pull user ID from palm pilot) Bug#197417: marked as done (gnome-pilot: gpilotd can't communicate with Palm at all) Bug#199628: marked as done (gnome-pilot: Cannot configure new device) Bug#201501: marked as done (gnome-pilot: applet crashes after cancelling then restarting config) Bug#208603: marked as done (gnome-pilot: Non-ASCII characters in user not not handled properly) Bug#215313: marked as done (gnome-pilot: Man page of gpilot-install-file is inaccurate) Bug#221784: marked as done (gnome-pilot crashes on initial sync) Bug#227359: marked as done (Gnome pilot Segfault) Bug#230734: marked as done (gnome-pilot-conduits: Evolution conduits all kill gpilotd) Bug#230735: marked as done (gnome-pilot: Logging doesn't work) Bug#261009: marked as done (gnome-pilot: Tooltip says "ready to sync" during synchronization) Bug#268440: marked as done (gnome-pilot-conduits: memo-file backups multiply x2 every sync) Bug#275877: marked as done (MAKEFLOPPIES: --help more options than manpage) Bug#276570: marked as done (gnome-pilot: Posibility to specify memory card on file-install) Bug#278264: marked as done (gnome-pilot-conduits: Can no longer sync, with evolution sense upgrade.) Bug#282014: marked as done (fdutils: superformat man page missing media description) Bug#285115: marked as done (gnome-pilot: Device name filter too restrictive) Bug#288735: marked as done (gnome-pilot: segfault) Bug#289894: marked as done (Epson USB scanner fails when gpilotd is running.) Bug#294447: marked as done (gnome-pilot: please make gpilotd less verbose) Bug#313521: marked as done (gnome-pilot: Please generate a POT file during package build) Bug#331488: marked as done (fdutils: --verify_later works, but not as documented) Bug#331489: marked as done (fdutils: superformat --print-drive-deviation does not work) Bug#331491: marked as done (fdutils: --print-drive-deviation not documented) Bug#340907: closed wrongly Bug#340907: marked as done (gnome-pilot.1.gz: not enough information to start the program) Bug#344892: marked as done (gnome-pilot: gpilotd unknown pilot ID 1082111820) Bug#376226: closed by Ralf Treinen <> (Re: lib3ds doesn't handle "object-flag" chunks) Bug#376226: marked as done (lib3ds-dev: lib3ds doesn't handle "object-flag" chunks (patch included)) Bug#391510: marked as done (gnome-pilot: Please add device record for Treo 650) Bug#395428: marked as done (fdutils: spelling errors) Bug#406048: marked as done (gnome-pilot-conduits: addressbook corrupts data in Spanish PDA) Bug#407503: marked as done (exaile: use an http proxy) Bug#436242: marked as done (exaile: Automatic library scan not working) Bug#439932: marked as done (exaile: bad settings.ini configuration file) Bug#442941: marked as done (fails to use more than one GENRE tag) Bug#443085: marked as done (description and manual page too "technical") Bug#444185: marked as done (playlist sort should be stable in respect to previous sort) Bug#444227: marked as done (cover art (dummy) should be optional) Bug#444228: marked as done (cover art embedded in MP3 not displayed) Bug#448288: marked as done (sqlitebrowser: No column labels when you search entries with executing sql commands.) Bug#448922: netbeans-ide: Should use swing-layout from libswing-layout-java Bug#462666: exaile: should search network for dynamic tracks Bug#468205: exaile will not run Bug#468942: marked as done (exaile: Exaile does not display album cover.) Bug#471124: closing exaile show error about Bug#479786: marked as done (adplug-utils: should definitely reference "OPL3" in package description) Bug#484605: marked as done (exaile: Doesn't have proxy options for non-GNOME use) Bug#502594: exaile: does not read plugins in subdirectories of Bug#503183: marked as done (flex-old: Wrong URL in package comment) Bug#504576: exaile: Locale es_CL does not connect with locale < es_ES or es_AR > Bug#506154: exaile: crashes on exit Bug#506163: exaile: ShoutCast Radio plugin does not work Bug#506166: exaile: visualization does not work Bug#506169: exaile: fetching album cover art fails Bug#510276: marked as done (libadplug-dev package does not depend on libbinio-dev as it should) Bug#518627: exaile: Show empty collection if UTF8 characters are present in filenames Bug#518627: marked as done (exaile: Show empty collection if UTF8 characters are present in filenames) Bug#519224: marked as done (fdutils: Typo in setfdprm man page, "/etc/fdprm" -> "/etc/media/prm") Bug#525257: marked as done ('man floppymeter' typo: "independant") Bug#526226: exaile doesn't start at all Bug#526226: marked as done (exaile doesn't start at all) Bug#532147: Disable all update checking Bug#535107: marked as done (gnome-pilot: Failed to load conduits) Bug#535937: marked as done ((flex-old_2.5.4a-7/avr32): FTBFS: Outdated config.{sub,guess}) Bug#540452: exaile: fails to set tag value containing “&” character Bug#540456: exaile: dialogue boxes should select default button when Enter is pressed Bug#541418: exaile: should not interrupt audio when cover fails to load Bug#549578: Exaile does not rescan tags Bug#553766: marked as done (replacing libreadline5-dev build dependency with libreadline-dev) Bug#556478: marked as done (FTBFS with binutils-gold) Bug#556557: marked as done (exaile: segfault during scan) Bug#556649: Bug #556649 confirmed Bug#556649: marked as done ([sqlitebrowser] cannot open file given on command line with name in UTF8 containing diacritic) Bug#557060: exaile: refers to non-existant package "gnome-python-extras" Bug#557060: marked as done (exaile: refers to non-existant package "gnome-python-extras") Bug#557166: Zero sized files halt exaile Bug#560985: marked as done (exaile: recommends python-eggtrayicon which is going to be removed) Bug#561519: exaile: Sort order of playlist somehow strange when queuing tracks... Bug#561567: exaile: Save queue state when exiting Exaile Bug#564868: marked as done (avifile: ftbfs with gcc-4.5) Bug#571040: marked as done (squeeze & gphotofs: I cannot connect to Canon digital camera) Bug#571452: Patch (QA upload ready) to drop build-dependency on EOLed MPIs Bug#578138: exaile: Consuming extrem high memory on creating libary Bug#578508: The deps also conflict Bug#585107: marked as done (exaile: python-pymtp should be added as recommends/ suggests) Bug#589971: Frontend crashes when running a second exaile command Bug#595443: Exaile hangs when trying to play some MP3 files Bug#596905: exaile: cannot configure hotkeys Bug#596906: marked as done (exaile: doesn't play MP3) Bug#603326: marked as done (gphotofs: canon eos 450d fails to mount digikam says 'could not get file list for folder '/') Bug#604833: exaile: segfault Bug#609942: Bug 609942 Bug#610406: marked as done (fdutils: [INTL:pt_BR] Brazilian Portuguese debconf templates translation) Bug#611300: marked as done (httest: new version available (1.18.0)) Bug#613174: marked as done (Please stop using HAL) Bug#614489: marked as done (gnome-pilot-conduits: FTBFS: email_conduit.c:7:18: error: glib.h: No such file or directory) Bug#617680: marked as done (segfaults when attempting to import db from file) Bug#619576: openerp-server: The Company OpenERP states that there will be no upgrade module to version 6 Bug#619678: marked as done (gnome-pilot: FTBFS on kfreebsd-*: error: HAL/DBUS Library requirements (dbus-glib-1 >= 0.31, hal >= 0.5.4)) Bug#621144: marked as done (adplug: Getting rid of unneeded *.la / emptying dependency_libs) Bug#621526: marked as done (lib3ds: Getting rid of unneeded *.la / emptying dependency_libs) Bug#621990: marked as done (wvstreams: FTBFS: crypto/ error: invalid conversion from 'const X509V3_EXT_METHOD*' to 'X509V3_EXT_METHOD*') Bug#622727: marked as done (libpqxx3-dev: Memleak in pqxx) Bug#623083: marked as done ([INTL:da] Danish translation of the debconf templates fdutils) Bug#624972: callgit: FTBFS: qvaluelist.h:91:13: error: 'ptrdiff_t' does not name a type Bug#625008: unixcw: FTBFS: qvaluelist.h:91:13: error: 'ptrdiff_t' does not name a type Bug#625041: sfftobmp: FTBFS: cmdline.cpp:275:55: error: invalid conversion from 'bool (*)(const string&)' to 'boost::enable_if_c<true, void>::type*' [-fpermissive] Bug#625041: sfftobmp: patch to fix FTBFS Bug#625105: sim: FTBFS: qvaluelist.h:91:13: error: 'ptrdiff_t' does not name a type Bug#625124: libqwt: FTBFS: qvaluelist.h:91:13: error: 'ptrdiff_t' does not name a type Bug#625411: tla: ftbfs with gcc-4.6 -Werror Bug#625413: trousers: ftbfs with gcc-4.6 -Werror Bug#625546: Transition Bug#625546: transition: libmagick4 Bug#625582: transition: libmagick4 Bug#625950: exaile: Segmentation fault while fetching cover art Bug#626043: gpsk31: Add hint for loading snd_pcm_oss kernel module Bug#626319: gnuift: circular dependency with gnuift-perl Bug#626350: python-netcdf has circular Depends on python-scientific Bug#626589: Typo in package description Bug#626614: Removed package(s) from unstable Bug#626616: Removed package(s) from unstable Bug#626988: aterm: visual bell causes random crashes Bug#627533: please package qtparted 0.5.0 Bug#627880: Typo in long description (Lainux/Linux) Bug#628232: [INTL:da] Danish translation of the debconf templates gnats Bug#628239: [INTL:da] Danish translation of the debconf templates xmcd Bug#628255: gamix: FTBFS: configure: error: *** GLIB >= 1.2.0 not installed - please install first *** Bug#628255: marked as done (gamix: FTBFS: configure: error: *** GLIB >= 1.2.0 not installed - please install first ***) Bug#628329: gtk2-engines-magicchicken: FTBFS: aclocal: macro `_LT_DECL_SED' required but not defined Bug#628329: marked as done (gtk2-engines-magicchicken: FTBFS: aclocal: macro `_LT_DECL_SED' required but not defined) Bug#628333: quiteinsanegimpplugin: FTBFS: aclocal: macro `_LT_DECL_SED' required but not defined Bug#628384: Removed package(s) from unstable Bug#628485: Removed package(s) from unstable Bug#628575: wmii: segfault on second display enable Bug#628603: synaptic does not start when wdm is the display manager Bug#70949: marked as done (gnome-pilot: multiple charset support missing) Bug#72157: marked as done (screensaver doesn't block palm syncing...) Bug#74327: marked as done (gpilotd doesn't notice new conduits) Build-Depend on libdb*-dev, but not linked with -ldb-X.Y cdcd 0.6.6-12 MIGRATED to testing Comments regarding wavesurfer_1.8.5-4_amd64.changes /etc/apt/apt-build.konf processor Freundschaftsanfrage erhalten glabels_2.2.8-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable gtalk_0.99.10-14_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable gtk2-engines-magicchicken_1.1.1-9_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable httest_2.0.7-0.1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable httpcomponents-client_4.0.3-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable ircii_20051015-3_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable isoqlog_2.2.1-4_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Join Me at Multiply lib3ds_1.3.0-6_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable libpqxx3_3.0.2-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Mini IP Camera with Wireless Network Video Server Modern Warfare 3 Confirmed! Our CEO sings for Mother's Day Please i wait to hear from you its very important Processed: blocking bug Processed: Bug #468205 Processed: Bug #468942 Processed: Bug #471124 Processed: Bug #506154 Processed: Bug #506163 Processed: Bug #506169 Processed: Bug #518627 Processed: Bug #532147 Processed: Bug #556557 Processed: Bug #556649 confirmed Processed: Bug #557060 Processed: Bug #557166 Processed: Bug #560985 Processed: bug 564868 is forwarded to Processed: Bug #585107 Processed: Bug #589971 Processed: Bug #595443 Processed: Bug #596905 Processed: Bug #596906 Processed: Bug #604547 Processed: Bug #604833 Processed: Bug #625950 Processed: Bugs #554143, 602108 Processed: Bugs #594926, 602583 Processed: closing 456313 Processed: closing 491975 Processed: closing 583352 Processed: Mark #556649 as pending Processed: More info Processed: netbeans-ide: Should use swing-layout from libswing-layout-java Processed: raising severity of gold/ld --no-add-needed build failure reports to serious Processed: reassign 378175 to suckless-tools, retitle 378175 to ff Processed: Re: blocking bug Processed: Reopen #617680 Processed: reopening 340907 Processed: sfftobmp: patch to fix FTBFS Processed: Sqlitebrowser bug info update Processed: tagging 556478 Processed: tagging 560314 Processed: tagging 564868 Processed: tagging 576739 Processed: tagging 580403 Processed: tagging 594383 Processed: tagging 611102 Processed: tagging 622728 Processed (with 1 errors): Bug #526226 Processed (with 1 errors): your mail Processed (with 2 errors): Reassign and merge Processed (with 5 errors): MPI transition patches, round 1 Processed: your mail Processing of avifile_0.7.48~20090503.ds-3_amd64.changes Processing of glabels_2.2.8-2_amd64.changes Processing of gtalk_0.99.10-14_amd64.changes Processing of gtk2-engines-magicchicken_1.1.1-9_amd64.changes Processing of httest_2.0.7-0.1_amd64.changes Processing of httpcomponents-client_4.0.3-2_i386.changes Processing of ircii_20051015-3_amd64.changes Processing of isoqlog_2.2.1-4_amd64.changes Processing of lib3ds_1.3.0-6_amd64.changes Processing of libpqxx3_3.0.2-2_i386.changes Processing of python-scientific_2.8-2_amd64.changes Processing of qt-x11-free_3.3.8b-8_amd64.changes Processing of sgml-data_2.0.5_amd64.changes Processing of sgml-data_2.0.6_amd64.changes Processing of socks4-server_4.3.beta2-17_amd64.changes Processing of sqlitebrowser_2.0.0~beta1+ds.1-1_amd64.changes Processing of sweep_0.9.3-4_amd64.changes Processing of wavesurfer_1.8.5-4_amd64.changes Processing of wmii2_2.5.2-15_i386.changes Processing of wmmon_1.0b2-15_amd64.changes Processing of worklog_1.8-5_amd64.changes Processing of wvstreams_4.6.1-2_amd64.changes Processing of xlbiff_4.1-7_amd64.changes python-scientific_2.8-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable qt-x11-free_3.3.8b-8_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable qt-x11-free override disparity Request for Business Partnership Schenk vader een abonnement en ontvang zelf een leuk cadeau! Servers using DEBIAN in Ceibal Plan (OLPC) in Uruguay - technical support sgml-data_2.0.5_amd64.changes REJECTED sgml-data_2.0.6_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable socks4-server_4.3.beta2-17_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable sqlitebrowser_2.0.0~beta1+ds.1-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable sqlitebrowser override disparity sweep_0.9.3-4_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable UK Lists 您获得了"微"英语学习手册 wavesurfer_1.8.5-4_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable wavesurfer_1.8.5-4_amd64.changes is NEW 8 Tage Lykische Küste kostenlos für Sie. . . CUT Your AdWords Costs and INCREASE Your AdWords Sales. FREE five day course! wmii2_2.5.2-15_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable wmmon_1.0b2-15_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable worklog_1.8-5_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable wvstreams_4.6.1-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable xlbiff_4.1-7_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable The last update was on 17:49 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 301 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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