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Bug#609942: Bug 609942

Dear Developers & Support Team,

On behalf of SUSCERTE (Superintendence of Electronic Certification
Services from Venezuelan Government), we want to know the status of the
bug 609942, which was opened past January, with the support of several
members of the Debian Community in Venezuela, with all the requirements
requested by Debian to include a Root CA Certificate into the package

So, we want to know if we need to complete anything else to include by
default our Root CA Certificate into the debian package "ca-certificates".

Please let me know if you have any enquire about this issue to move
forward our request.

Best regards,

Omar J. Alvarado Pargas
Tech R&D Director
GO 39.522 - Date: 01/10/2010
Superintendence of Electronic Certification Services, SUSCERTE.
Ministry of Popular Power for Science, Technology and Industry Intermediate.
Phone: +58 212-5785674 / 5724932
Twitter @ SUSCERTE

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n:Alvarado Pargas;Omar J.
org;quoted-printable;quoted-printable:Superintendencia de Servicios de Certificaci=C3=B3n Electr=C3=B3nica (SUS=
	CERTE);Direcci=C3=B3n de Investigaci=C3=B3n y Desarrollo
adr;quoted-printable:;;Av. Andr=C3=A9s Bello. Torre BFC;Caracas;Dtto. Capital;1012;Venezuela
tel;work:+58 212 5785674
tel;fax:+58 212 5722921
tel;cell:+58 426 5175698

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