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3 Deadly Errrors Due To Which Women Reject Men - Are You Doing hTe Same? 4 Explosive Waays to Make Your Girlfriennd Orgasm 5 Keys to Glreat sexual Relmating 5 sexy, Deliciuos Waays to Spice Up Your Relationship 5 Years old aldnd PREGNANT 66 Blocks To Communicating Your sexual Needs and What You aCn Do About It 69 Places Fooor Passion - Lusty Locations to Make Love All About Erotic Masslages For eMn Ann April Fool to Get Your Pulse Racing antiword 0.37-4 MIGRATED to testing Aphrodisiaac Foodds for sexual Enhancement An April Fool too Get Your Puslse Racing aqPssionate Lovemaking - Simple, Sweet, Effective As loudly as he could balazar 0.3.4.ds1-5 MIGRATED to testing Being Forced to be Female too Satisfy aa Need belocs-locales-bin REMOVED from testing belocs-locales-data REMOVED from testing bmv REMOVED from testing Boost That Confidence and Ejaculate Morrle! Bug#166526: wmtz: Does not get proper timezone abbreviation Bug#208906: marked as done (dependency resolution dialog could be more specific) Bug#208908: marked as done (gnome-apt: "Unsatisfied Dependencies" pop-up text is redundant) Bug#20977: PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL IDENTITY Bug#215798: marked as done (bmv displays a small rectangle of garbage then locks the system completely. Hard reboot necessary.) Bug#219677: marked as done (gnome-apt: Two minor suggestions) Bug#220848: marked as done (gnome-apt: Package list would be more compact with icons) Bug#225786: marked as done (gnome-apt: apt-listbugs integration) Bug#249012: marked as done (gnome-apt: Should be complex filtering like as in Synaptic) Bug#249013: marked as done (gnome-apt: The dependencies tree should be recursive) Bug#249014: marked as done (gnome-apt: Add saving/loading package lists) Bug#249015: marked as done (gnome-apt: Add preference whether package info stays on top of the main window) Bug#249016: marked as done (gnome-apt: There should be some mean to filter out library packages) Bug#249018: marked as done (gnome-apt: No mean to setting "hold" flag) Bug#252116: marked as done (gnome-apt: Crashing after Complete Run) Bug#252910: marked as done (gnome-apt: ask for root password when root permissions needed) Bug#252911: marked as done (gnome-apt: should suggest fix for "cannot open display" problem) Bug#256534: marked as done (gnome-apt: Add command to get source) Bug#288559: Reassigning bugs from hping2 to hping3 Bug#320945: marked as done (bmv: Needs to accept STDIN from pipe) Bug#335061: marked as done (grace6: can't set `Max drawing path length' either in file or in command line options) Bug#347864: marked as done (gdeb: appears in the KDE Lost+Found menu) Bug#352915: marked as done (gdeb: segfault on "cancel" passworth authentication) Bug#364648: marked as done (doesn't work with kernel 2.4) Bug#366186: marked as done (upgrade leaves behind i386-rpm-linux, etc) Bug#38567: marked as done (gnome-apt: Background package downloading..) Bug#400889: marked as done (rpmbuild -ta does not work with GNU tar-1.16-1) Bug#40137: marked as done (gnome-apt wishlist) Bug#407015: marked as done (antiword: segmentation fault with corrupted files) Bug#414526: fixed Bug#414532: fixed Bug#418975: marked as done (libnet1: Buffer overrun in libnet_pblock_coalesce) Bug#419870: marked as done (lsb-rpm: manpage is out of date) Bug#421262: marked as done (debsums error on /usr/lib/rpm/i386-linux/macros) Bug#429428: Solution, update /etc/idmapd.conf Bug#429428: This bug is still a big problem Bug#430129: fixed Bug#436077: fixed Bug#437642: marked as done (nosql: not handling nostrip build option (policy 10.1)) Bug#438254: marked as done (vrweb: not handling nostrip build option (policy 10.1)) Bug#438255: marked as done (varkon: not handling nostrip build option (policy 10.1)) Bug#444599: marked as done (./MAKEDEV: No such file or directory) Bug#449265: marked as done (varkon: Examples fail to copy) Bug#449265: varkon: Examples fail to copy Bug#453009: closed by Filippo Giunchedi <> (Bug#453009: fixed in varkon 1.18B-1) Bug#453009: marked as done (Upgrade to varkon-1.19B removes need for gcc-3.3) Bug#459484: fixed Bug#459603: marked as done (lsb-rpm: Produces packages that are not LSB-compliant) Bug#460143: fixed Bug#462909: fixed Bug#465376: marked as done (varkon: bashism in /bin/sh script) Bug#465871: marked as done (rpm sets wrong %{_sysconfdir} in athlon-linux/macros) Bug#476972: marked as done (librpm-dev: undefined symbols referenced) Bug#479816: marked as done (Use "su-to-root -X" as su wrapper in menu/desktop files) Bug#480670: marked as done (wget error on hinfo-update: Cannot specify -r, -p or -N if -O is given.) Bug#487427: marked as done (gnome-apt: French program translation) Bug#490945: tkgate: wrong path for simulator gsim Bug#492334: marked as done (must not depend on makedev) Bug#495578: marked as done (note: no default value for configuration text::dbname) Bug#496066: marked as done (grace6: *** glibc detected *** corrupted double-linked list: 0x081cbfb0 *** when trying to open text file) Bug#500713: marked as done (README.source has an error) Bug#500849: marked as done (Out of date homepage) Bug#502778: marked as done ([INTL:sv] updated swedish translation of debconf file) Bug#507909: marked as done (python-turbogears: Unable to import peak.rules) Bug#508851: marked as done (Updating the rpm Uploaders list) Bug#509736: marked as done (grace6: Grace6 incompatible with t1-cyrillic package) Bug#510118: dnotify not work on 2.6.26, 2.6.27 and 2.6.28 Bug#511766: marked as done (clig: tcl Version defunct) Bug#515345: closed by Marco Rodrigues <> (gnome-apt has been removed from Debian, closing #515345) Bug#515345: marked as done (Gdebi problems with spaces in the source name to a package) Bug#519861: marked as done (rpm: New upstream version available) Bug#521373: marked as done (gimageview: Opening preferences causes segfault) Bug#525719: marked as done (FTBFS with GCC 4.4: missing #include) Bug#527512: marked as done (turbojson: FTBFS: ImportError: No module named rules) Bug#527616: marked as done (owned and unowned files after purge (policy 6.8 + 10.7.3)) Bug#527692: marked as done (gimageview: FTBFS: gtkctree.h:110: error: expected specifier-qualifier-list before 'GtkCList') Bug#527899: removal of package fails Bug#529340: (no subject) Bug#529389: marked as done (rpm: FTBFS: libsqlite3.a(sqlite3.o): In function `icuNext': undefined reference to `ubrk_current_4_0') Bug#530172: marked as done (qtparted: bashism in /bin/sh script) Bug#530180: marked as done (rpm: bashism in /bin/sh script) Bug#530470: marked as done (Fails to build -- attempts to access file in /usr/share/icons) Bug#530879: marked as done (missing a lot of dependencies, not available in Debian) Bug#530879: TG2 deps: pending ... but elsewhere Bug#531745: hg-buildpackage: tells to "hg fetch" which doesn't exist Bug#531746: hg-buildpackage: creates unexplained (superfluous?) UPSTREAM_...._TAG tag Bug#531938: FTBFS on mipsel due to missing -fPIC Bug#531938: marked as done (FTBFS on mipsel due to missing -fPIC) Bug#531980: mdbtools-gmdb: FTBFS because of missing libglade2-dev Build-Depends Bug#532071: The "open window" statement fails Bug#532084: please provide a way to write a pidfile Bug#532257: marked as done (rpm: Please switch to libneon27-gnutls) Bug#532257: rpm: Please switch to libneon27-gnutls Bug#532449: rplay: Missing copyright information Bug#532450: swh-plugins: missing information in debian/copyright Bug#532610: Acknowledgement (quiteinsane: segfaults upon quit) Bug#532610: Info received (Bug#532610: Acknowledgement (quiteinsane: segfaults upon quit)) Bug#532610: Info received (Bug#532610: Info received (Bug#532610: Acknowledgement (quiteinsane: segfaults upon quit))) Bug#532610: quiteinsane: segfaults upon quit Bug#532729: marked as done (Missing dependency on turbojson) Bug#532806: beep-media-player: crashes when file with comma-containing name is dragged+dropped to it Bug#532974: non-free samples in the source tarball Bug#533101: fixed Bug#533140: [INTL:es] Spanish debconf template translation for amavis-stats Bug#533275: fixed Bug#533361: got a CVE id Bug#533361: [grahn: Henning's patch tested, and kind of working] Bug#533361: Henning's patch tested, and kind of working Bug#533361: xcftools: 'xcf2pnm -C ... layer' crashes on some valid XCF files Bug#533418: gw-fonts-ttf: remove fc-cache call Bug#533418: marked as done (gw-fonts-ttf: remove fc-cache call) Bug#533419: marked as done (ttf-bpg-georgian-fonts: remove fc-cache call) Bug#533419: ttf-bpg-georgian-fonts: remove fc-cache call Bug#533431: qtparted: German translation is incomplete and full of errors Bug#533475: --modify option prints duplicates Bug#533671: ITA: mpg321 -- A Free command-line mp3 player Bug#533674: mpg321: comparison to mpg123 in man page is not accurate Bug#533761: non-linear curve fitting tool in grace returns rms relative error instead of rms percentage error Bug#533762: grace: non-linear curve fitting tool in grace returns rms relative error instead of rms percentage error Bug#533801: marked as done (varkon: non-standard gcc/g++ used for build (gcc-3.4)) Bug#533801: varkon: non-standard gcc/g++ used for build (gcc-3.4) Bug#533862: didiwiki.postinst error Bug#533954: ksimus-boolean: FTBFS: required file `admin/config.guess' not found Bug#533982: ksimus-floatingpoint: FTBFS: required file `admin/config.guess' not found Bug#534001: marked as done (qtparted: FTBFS: qp_libparted.cpp:1751: error: 'ped_free' was not declared in this scope) Bug#534001: qtparted: FTBFS: qp_libparted.cpp:1751: error: 'ped_free' was not declared in this scope Bug#534032: ksimus-datarecorder: FTBFS: required file `admin/config.guess' not found Bug#534281: marked as done (nosql: uninstallable on ia64, alpha, GNU/kFreeBSD) Bug#534281: nosql: uninstallable on ia64, alpha, GNU/kFreeBSD Bug#534468: x11vnc: -id not working Bug#534602: move to section fonts Bug#534603: move to section fonts Bug#534897: capisuite: specify ${python_libdir}/dist-packages in 040_python26.diff Bug#535120: hk-classes FTBFS with python2.6 Bug#55468: marked as done (gnome-apt: Please expose apt.conf options in preferences) A call for nomination: Ph.d cbrowser_0.8-6_amd64.changes ACCEPTED cbrowser 0.8-6 MIGRATED to testing cflow 1:1.2-2 MIGRATED to testing cflow_1.2-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED Cheating iess sexy! Check out my photos on Facebook clig REMOVED from testing Condoms --- Effective Prevention of Pregnancy A Condom Size Chart Will Help You Get The Moost inn Pleasure And Protection Conflict between coreutils 7.4-1 and mktemp Cunnilingus Positions - 33 Cunnilingus Positions fyor Mind-Blowing Cunnilingus Experience D entists Database in America didiwiki_0.5-6_amd64.changes ACCEPTED didiwiki 0.5-6 MIGRATED to testing emifreq-applet REMOVED from testing Enhance Liibdo - 3 Major Problems and Solutions too Enhance Libido Naturally Errektionsprobleme? Fellatio and 9 Other Things You Can Do to Maqke Your aMn Happy Fetishes -- Basbics and History Gay nad Lesbian lAcohol Addiction: An Epidemic gcvs_1.0final-18_i386.changes ACCEPTED gcvs override disparity gengetopt_2.22.2-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED gengetopt 2.22.2-1 MIGRATED to testing Gentlemen and Dating -- Part 33 ggi-doc REMOVED from testing ggtl_2.1.4-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED ggtl 2.1.4-3 MIGRATED to testing gimageview_0.2.27-3_amd64.changes ACCEPTED Giving Your Lover a Breast Orgasm Will Shake Hqqer Thighs and Release a Key Chemical gnome-apt REMOVED from testing gps_1.1.0.0-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED G Spot - Whatt, Whxere and How? gw-fonts-ttf_1.0-4_amd64.changes ACCEPTED gw-fonts-ttf override disparity Have oYu Ever Fraked It In The Bedroom? Hdow to Kiss a Girl -- Discover the Most Powerful Way to Turn Her On Homnosexxuality Homsocexuality Horny Goat Weed - If You Want to Enhance Libido rTy this Proven Chinese Herb How many CEOs Went to School? How To Clontrol Your Orgasms - Learn How To Last Longer Inn Bed How To Make A Girl Wqant To Kiss You - Get Hger Begging For More & Be Absolutely Mind Blowing How too Boost Your Seduction Power -- By 297% How too Boost Youur Bedroom Pleasures? How Too Habve Good sex - In 3 Simple Steps How to Seduce a Girl -- Thesse Outrageous Techniques Will Help You Seduce Her Within Seconds How to Seduce Any Woman Favst - 33 Ultra Rare Secrets Most Men Will Never Know About Seduction How to Spice Up Your Cunnilingus Routine - Make Heer Beg oYu For More How to Turn a Geirl On - 3 Mind Blowing Keys You Should Not Miss at Any Possible Cocst How to Turn a Woman on and Give Heer aa Screaming Orgasm - Here is Something You Can't Miss How to Turn Your Woman Hvvot and Bothered - So She Will Jump on You How to Tuurn on Your Man - 3 Tips guaranteed To Drive Him Wlid hWy you Need to Come up With a Plan to Pursue and Succceed with Single Women Hypnotic Seduction Tips That Work Liske Maigc - Become Instantly More Charismatic today interested in you Investissement et partenariat Re-: Antwort auf deine Kontaktanzeige judiciary jugoslavia Kama Sutrra -- The Caste System And The Kama Sutra Доступная pеклама ИНТЕРНЕТ PЕКЛАМА Служба pаспостранения информации Служба доставkи почты Рекламa в интернете Рекламное агeнтство ЗДЕСЬ МОЖЕТ БЫТЬ ВАША РEКЛАМА Lasting Longer in Bbed - Do Your Gril a Favor & Learn to Last Longer Learn oHw too Talk Dirty - How to Make it Easy! Learn oTp Best sexual Positions - Know The Top Mistakes Moost Guys Make Le site Web de votre bien immobilier pour packages libvisual-projectm_1.2.0-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED licq_1.3.6-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED licq 1.3.6-2 MIGRATED to testing licq override disparity Love Mpaking Advice - 55 Blow His Mind Moves Male sexual Arousal - How Lap Dances and Strip Clubs Affect Male sexual Desipre, Aroousal and Behavior Married and Fliritng - Is Itt Acceptable? Mastuurbaiton Metroo-What, Mrr Latham? MMA package on debian mnogosearch_3.3.8-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED Monogamy, hWat Does That Mnean? More Women's Fantasies - 3 Erotic Female Fantasies Sure to Drive Hger Wild (aThese Are Hot!) mped 5.1.2-1 MIGRATED to testing nosql_4.0.14-5_amd64.changes ACCEPTED note 1.3.3-4 MIGRATED to testing numlockx 1.1-10 MIGRATED to testing oHw to Surprise Ydour Lover with Touch Orgasm -- How to Achieve it Successfully annd Avoid Frustration and Break-up? The oTp 27 Valentine's Day Tips to Make Your Man Desire You Mroe Packages-- BLACKBERRY - SUPER PRECIO !!! Packages-- BLACKBERRY- SUPER PRECIO !!! Packages--- Blackberry Super Precio !!! Packages---Las Tarifas Mas Baratas !! partlibrary_2.1.2.8-1-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED partlibrary MIGRATED to testing Physical Intimacy in hte Rleationship pic2fig 1.4-4 MIGRATED to testing please consider using xerces-c instead of xerces-c2 Potenzmittel fuer Processed: block 509444 with 518803 Processed: block 509444 with 532501 Processed: block 527663 with 521924 Processed: fixed as stated by submitter Processed: forwarded Processed: got a CVE id Processed: (no subject) Processed: Reassigning bugs from hping2 to hping3 Processed: Re: Bug#529389: Bug#522103: libsqlite3-0: ABI breakage: xCheckReservedLock method in sqlite3_io_methods changed prototype Processed: Re: removal of package fails Processed: setting package to gimageview, tagging 527692, tagging 500713 Processed: setting package to librpm-dev librpmbuild0 lsb-rpm librpmio0 python-rpm librpm-dbg rpm rpm-i18n librpm0 ... Processed: setting package to python-turbogears2 turbogears2, tagging 532729, tagging 530879 Processed: setting package to qtparted, tagging 530172, tagging 534001 Processed: setting package to turbojson python-turbojson, tagging 507909, tagging 527512 Processed: setting package to varkon-user-manual varkon varkon-programmer-manual, tagging 449265, tagging 500849 ... Processed: tagging 364648 Processed: tagging 451441, bug 451441 is forwarded to Processed: tags Processed (with 1 errors): setting package to librpm-dev librpmbuild0 lsb-rpm rpm librpmio0 python-rpm librpm0, tagging 465871 ... Processed: xcftools: 'xcf2pnm -C ... layer' crashes on some valid XCF files Processing of cbrowser_0.8-6_amd64.changes Processing of cflow_1.2-2_amd64.changes Processing of didiwiki_0.5-6_amd64.changes Processing of gcvs_1.0final-18_i386.changes Processing of gengetopt_2.22.2-1_amd64.changes Processing of ggtl_2.1.4-3_i386.changes Processing of gimageview_0.2.27-3_amd64.changes Processing of gps_1.1.0.0-3_i386.changes Processing of gw-fonts-ttf_1.0-4_amd64.changes Processing of libvisual-projectm_1.2.0-1_i386.changes Processing of licq_1.3.6-2_amd64.changes Processing of mnogosearch_3.3.8-2_amd64.changes Processing of nosql_4.0.14-5_amd64.changes Processing of partlibrary_2.1.2.8-1-1_i386.changes Processing of qtparted_0.4.5-5_amd64.changes Processing of quarry_0.2.0.dfsg.1-3_amd64.changes Processing of rpm_4.4.2.3-3_amd64.changes Processing of smlnj_110.69-1_i386.changes Processing of soci_3.0.0+cvs20081223-3_amd64.changes Processing of ttf-bpg-georgian-fonts_0.5_amd64.changes Processing of turbogears_1.0.8-2_i386.changes Processing of turbogears2_2.0-2_i386.changes Processing of turbojson_1.2.1-2_i386.changes Processing of turbokid_1.0.4-5_i386.changes Processing of varkon_1.18B-1_amd64.changes Processing of vrweb_1.5-19_i386.changes Processing of xar_1.5.2-2_amd64.changes qtparted_0.4.5-5_amd64.changes ACCEPTED quarry_0.2.0.dfsg.1-3_amd64.changes ACCEPTED quarry 0.2.0.dfsg.1-3 MIGRATED to testing Rollins rpm_4.4.2.3-3_amd64.changes ACCEPTED Seduce a Woman Into Bred - How to Seduce a Successful Woamn Sex and the Workplace? Five Dangewrs of Hooking Up at Work and How to Hanjdle Colleagial Booty Calls Sex Tips, Idekas, Guidelines and Suggestions -- Starting With I and J Sexual Compatibility - Wedding Night sex rCisis -- Just How sexually Compatible Are You? smlnj_110.69-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED smlnj 110.69-1 MIGRATED to testing smlnj override disparity Sneaky sex - Getting it Dnoe Witth Children in the House! soci_3.0.0+cvs20081223-3_amd64.changes ACCEPTED stromberg animate midwinter swh-plugins 0.4.15-2 MIGRATED to testing Swinging Lifestyle! AA Way off Life, a Style of Living Syex iTps For 2009! Talking Dirty too Your Leover Talking Dirty uDlring sex Made Easy! Things to Thlink Abojut for Beginning to SWING Tips On Buying The Best Pheromone Product nOn The Market Tips to Give aa Female an Orgasm - Inn 3 Simple Ways Top hTree Considerations oFr Preconception Health To Tallk Diryty You Need to Build Your Vocabulary ttf-bpg-georgian-fonts_0.5_amd64.changes ACCEPTED ttf-bpg-georgian-fonts override disparity Tthe 2 sex Secrets That Your Lover Hopes You Never Discover For Faer of Total Mind Control turbogears_1.0.8-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED turbogears 1.0.8-2 MIGRATED to testing turbogears2_2.0-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED turbojson_1.2.1-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED turbojson 1.2.1-2 MIGRATED to testing turbokid_1.0.4-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED turbokid 1.0.4-5 MIGRATED to testing ude 0.2.9b-5 MIGRATED to testing Ваш потенциaльный клиeнт Día del Momento adecuado varkon_1.18B-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED varkon override disparity vrweb_1.5-19_i386.changes ACCEPTED Want to Feel sexier in Bde? Be an Irresistible Man Between hte Sheets Ways To Turn Onn A Gril We are calling for nomination. What Are The Best Lovve Making Positinos? Why Having sex With You Isn't In Her Best Interest And Why As A Maan You Shouldnn't Care Why It Can Be A Turn On Too Dress Upp Women Come First - Wdhy Is This Principle The Key To Be A Great Loaver xar_1.5.2-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED xjewel 1.6-25 MIGRATED to testing The last update was on 17:46 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 380 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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