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Bug#531745: hg-buildpackage: tells to "hg fetch" which doesn't exist

Package: hg-buildpackage


hg-importorig ... whatever.

Output closes with
>> Remember to run hg fetch /home/avbidder/tmp/software.upstream

Which doesn't exist.  It's "hg pull" followed by "hg merge".  hg-importorig 
might also offer to do this since it's what is probably exactly what should 
be done in most cases.

(Additionally: the documentation should probably state a bit clearer that it 
is supposed to be called from the debian hg repo and not the upstream one.)

-- vbi

Additional info:
mercurial 1.2-1
hg-load-dirs 1.1.6+nmu2

featured link: http://www.pool.ntp.org

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