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Bug#533674: mpg321: comparison to mpg123 in man page is not accurate

Package: mpg321
Severity: normal


From the mpg321(1) man page:

   | mpg321 differs from mpg123 in several ways. First and foremost, it
   | is fully Free, under the GNU General Public License. Secondly, it
   | allows run-time switching of output devices (via the -o switch).
   | (mpg321 also allows configuring a default output device at compile-
   | time, but run-time switching is always allowed).

Neither of this seem to be true any longer: mpg123 has been relicensed
under the LGPL/GPL, so it's "fully Free", and it is possible to select
an output device at run-time, just as mpg321 does (when the man page
says "run-time switching of output devices", it really means "run-time
selection"). mpg123 even supports pulse, jack and nas, which mpg321 does
not seem to support.

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