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Bug#510118: dnotify not work on 2.6.26, 2.6.27 and 2.6.28


dnotify is working on my machines running 2.6.26-1, 2.6.26-2 and 2.6.29-2-686.

Here is what happens when I `cat /tmp/bla`:

zaatar:~$ dnotify -A /tmp -e echo got that!
got that!

Which translates in strace as:
{si_signo=SIGRT_2, si_code=0x3, si_pid=1089, si_uid=3,
si_value={int=129100401, ptr=0x7b1ea71}}, 0, 8) = 34
child_tidptr=0xb7e21708) = 2315
rt_sigtimedwait([CHLD RT_2], got that!
{si_signo=SIGCHLD, si_code=CLD_EXITED, si_pid=2315, si_status=0,
si_utime=0, si_stime=1}, 0, 8) = 17
waitpid(-1, [{WIFEXITED(s) && WEXITSTATUS(s) == 0}], WNOHANG) = 2315
rt_sigtimedwait([CHLD RT_2],

zaatar:~$ grep NOTIFY /boot/config-2.6.26-2-686

> I have here various kernel ( 2.6.26.* 2.6.27.*, 2.6.28) all on i686
It seems the problem your are facing is not related to the kernels you
mentioned above.

It could be worth closing or renaming this bug.

Ignace M

-- System Information:
Debian Release: squeeze/sid
  APT prefers testing
  APT policy: (990, 'testing'), (500, 'unstable'), (99, 'stable')
Architecture: i386 (i686)

Kernel: Linux 2.6.26-2-686 (SMP w/2 CPU cores)

Versions of packages dnotify depends on:
ii  libc6                         2.9-12     GNU C Library: Shared libraries

dnotify recommends no packages.

dnotify suggests no packages.

-- no debconf information

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