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Bug#531746: hg-buildpackage: creates unexplained (superfluous?) UPSTREAM_...._TAG tag

Package: hg-buildpackage

I was fiddling around with hg-importorig and am currently wondering about 
the UPSTREAM_package_version_TAG tag it creates immediately after creating 
the UPSTREAM_pacdkage_version tag.

The documentation doesn't mention it, and from what I understand how hg-
buildpackage works it isn't necessary.

$ hg init software.upstream
$ hg clone software.upstream software
$ cd software.upstream
$ hg-importorig ../software-0.1 software 0.1
$ hg tags
tip                                2:1cf3e9ba38cb
UPSTREAM_software_0.1_TAG          1:cba944fa122c
UPSTREAM_software_0.1              0:32a3d7b79870

-- vbi

Additional info:
mercurial 1.2-1
hg-load-dirs 1.1.6+nmu2

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