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achilles_2-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED apple2_0.7.4-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED arping_2.05-1_sparc.changes ACCEPTED astrolog_5.40-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED atitvout_0.4-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED autopilot_1.21-2_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED blackbook_3-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED blackbook 3-5 MIGRATED to testing Bug#121201: Open loyalty describe Bug#121201: To eric smith Bug#129027: marked as done (python-gnome: If no icon is added, GnomeDruidPage leaves white space in corner) Re: Bug#137270: dvifb: quick and dirty patch Bug#147733: Addresse ginger nunamaker below 4% Bug#147733: For ginger nunamaker Bug#147733: Msg. for ginger nunamaker Bug#147733: Ref. to ginger nunamaker less than 4% appr. Bug#148646: [NEWS] Report for Bug#152128: marked as done (vcg: xvcg dies with segfault when opening a vcg file) Bug#152128: vcg still segfaults; when it does not, it fails assertion Bug#169442: marked as done (wrong assumption on char signedness) Bug#20977: hey there phil starks Bug#20977: impor_tant open Bug#20977: Ref. to phil starks Bug#210496: getting to know you bug #227187 isn't fixed in stable Bug#229595: unicode/utf-8 support desperately missing Bug#243766: pgaccess: import wizard does work Bug#263358: marked as done (minit: Minit not to be included in sarge, experimental packaging) Bug#263358: minit: Minit not to be included in sarge, experimental packaging Bug#263358: minit: Minit not to be included in sarge, experimental packaging Bug#271015: marked as done (Command-line compatibility with unrar-nonfree) Bug#278612: marked as done (xclass-common: "X windows environment" in package description should read "X Window System") Bug#280485: Irrelevant Bug#280485: marked as done ([NONFREE-DOC:GFDL1.2olbc] docbook-defguide: License is non-free) Bug#286005: marked as done (Wackamole: Preferred virtual IP does not work properly) Bug#296915: windows-el: does not save and exit Bug#297716: marked as done (music123: wrong per-user configuration filename in manpage) Bug#297716: .music123rc solved in version 15 Bug#301253: marked as done (xclass-common: mail2.xpm is entirely grey) Bug#302930: marked as done (unifont: Improper copyright file) Bug#312552: unrar-free: request for RAR 3.0 format support Bug#314621: marked as done (pgaccess: Depends on renamed package libpgtcl) Bug#315478: marked as done (pgaccess: broken dep on libpgtcl) Bug#328579: marked as done (pgaccess: depends on removed package libpgtcl) Bug#339639: libghc6-hsql-postgresql-dev: This is now addressable. Bug#339639: marked as done (haskell-hsql: remove postgresql-server-dev-8.0 build-dependency) Bug#342447: marked as done (sanduhr(GNU/k*BSD): FTBFS: out of date config.sub/config.guess) Bug#344942: doxymacs: Fails to install with "!! File error (("Cannot open load file" "url"))" Bug#345434: marked as done (tdfsb: please upgrade with the 0.0.9 version) Bug#346999: marked as done (mgapdesk: FTBFS: build-depends on removed xlibs-dev) Bug#347009: marked as done (multi-gnome-terminal: FTBFS: build-depends on removed xlibs-dev) Bug#351050: ipw2200-source: new version is kismet-aware Bug#351052: ieee80211-source: 1.1.13 has been released Bug#351052: ieee80211-source: makes ipw2200 kismet-able Bug#355893: marked as done (vcg: Please allow to start interatively without a filename, and include a menu entry) Bug#356093: FTBFS with G++ 4.1: extra qualification ... Bug#356373: ipw2200-source: 1.1.2 is actually out Bug#356373: ipw2200-source: new 1.1.2 debian package available Bug#356373: Updated ipw2200-source would be very helpful Bug#357761: marked as done (haskell-hsql: FTBFS: HSQL/dist/build/ghc-6.4.1 not found) Bug#357761: patch Bug#359995: libghc6-hsql-postgresql-dev: The same on i386 Bug#359995: marked as done (libghc6-hsql-postgresql-dev: uninstallable on sparc) Bug#360416: libswingwt0: libswingwt cannot be installed with eclipse Bug#360416: more about the problem Bug#360416: Other libswt related problem Bug#360484: Might not be requiring the txt file! Bug#360484: tripwire: Tripwire requires is policy text files "on line"--security problem Bug#360484: Working again Bug#360738: [m68k] rsplib builds with gcc-4.1 Bug#361021: sctplib_1:1.0.4-4(unstable/arm/smackdown): silent build breakage on arm Bug#361332: uncc: dasm --version overwrites file named "2" in current directory Bug#361614: libjpeg-mmx: FTBFS on kfreebsd-amd64: kfreebsd-amd64 not in the architecture list Bug#361625: bug will be fixed in version 15 Bug#361625: marked as done (music123: FTBFS on kfreebsd-amd64: kfreebsd-amd64 not in the architecture list) Bug#361625: music123: FTBFS on kfreebsd-amd64: kfreebsd-amd64 not in the architecture list Bug#361632: marked as done (xbox-raincoat: FTBFS on kfreebsd-amd64: kfreebsd-amd64 not in the architecture list) Bug#361632: xbox-raincoat: FTBFS on kfreebsd-amd64: kfreebsd-amd64 not in the architecture list Bug#361650: epos: [INTL:ru] Updated Russian translation for debconf template Bug#361718: FTBFS with GCC 4.2: cast from pointer to integer of different size Bug#361718: marked as done (FTBFS with GCC 4.2: cast from pointer to integer of different size) Bug#361740: liblua50-dev: symlink pointing to . Bug#361978: enscript 1.6.4-7 Bug#361978: update Bug#362292: jython: FTBFS: Obsolete Build-Depends on python2.1 Bug#362322: artwiz-cursor: X fonts transition Bug#362322: marked as done (artwiz-cursor: X fonts transition) Bug#362329: gtk-engines-xenophilia: X fonts transition Bug#362329: marked as done (gtk-engines-xenophilia: X fonts transition) Bug#362338: marked as done (unifont: X fonts transition) Bug#362338: unifont: X fonts transition Bug#362345: marked as done (xfonts-artwiz: X fonts transition) Bug#362345: xfonts-artwiz: X fonts transition Bug#362398: marked as done (xfonts-thai-etl: X fonts transition) Bug#362398: xfonts-thai-etl: X fonts transition Bug#362399: marked as done (xfonts-thai-manop: X fonts transition) Bug#362399: xfonts-thai-manop: X fonts transition Bug#362400: marked as done (xfonts-thai-vor: X fonts transition) Bug#362400: xfonts-thai-vor: X fonts transition Bug#362401: marked as done (xfonts-thai-nectec: X fonts transition) Bug#362401: xfonts-thai-nectec: X fonts transition Bug#362788: marked as done (Patch for Xorg 7) Bug#362788: Patch for Xorg 7 Bug#363227: Spelling mistake in package description Bug#363482: marked as done (xfonts-thai-nectec.alias is still in old directory) Bug#363482: xfonts-thai-nectec.alias is still in old directory Bug#363588: Spelling mistake in package description Bug#363596: Spelling mistake in package description Bug#363977: Spelling mistake in package description Bug#364085: type1inst long description references makepsres which is no longer shipped Bug#364322: amd64 build status Bug#364322: marked as done (rscheme: [patch] please properly support amd64) Bug#364322: rscheme: [patch] please properly support amd64 Bug#364336: yaboot: Incomplete message when removing kernel-package Bug#364346: libticables3: Typo in udev rules Bug#364554: mgapdesk: FTBFS: xf86Parser.h: No such file or directory Bug#364891: php4-interbase: PHP5 don't have yet the interbase extension Bug#364945: marked as done (svncviewer: Support for amd64.) Bug#364945: svncviewer: Support for amd64. cfi_3.0-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED chbg 1.5-8 MIGRATED to testing check this out cl-ftp_1.3.3-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED cl-sdl_0.2.2-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED compilercache 1.0.10-4 MIGRATED to testing cttex_1.23-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED cttex 1.23-1 MIGRATED to testing dancer-ircd_1.0.36-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED deliver_2.1.14-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED deliver 2.1.14-4 MIGRATED to testing deliver override disparity done Largeer orgasm drawmap_2.5-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED drawmap override disparity elisp-manual-ja_20-2.5-jp-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED elisp-manual-ja_20-2.5-jp-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED elisp-manual-ja_20-2.5-jp-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED emacs-lisp-intro-ja_1.05+0.96-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED emacs-lisp-intro-ja_1.05+0.96-8_i386.changes ACCEPTED emacs-manual-ja_20.6-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED emelfm_0.9.2-8_i386.changes ACCEPTED emelfm 0.9.2-8 MIGRATED to testing epos 1:2.5.36-6 MIGRATED to testing estic_1.61-17_i386.changes ACCEPTED estic 1.61-17 MIGRATED to testing falselogin_0.2-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED falselogin 0.2-5 MIGRATED to testing fv 3.0-14 MIGRATED to testing galternatives_0.13_i386.changes ACCEPTED the game is started gandalf_1.5-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED glosstex_0.4-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED gnome-ppp 0.3.21-2 MIGRATED to testing gnushogi 1.3-6 MIGRATED to testing gsumi 1.1.0-6 MIGRATED to testing hanterm-classic MIGRATED to testing hanterm-xf 1:3.3.1p18-10 MIGRATED to testing hanterm-xf 1:3.3.1p18-9.2 MIGRATED to testing haskell-hsql_1.6-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED Incomplete upload found in Debian upload queue java2html_0.9.2-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED java2html 0.9.2-3 MIGRATED to testing kimberlite 1.1.0-4 MIGRATED to testing libapache-auth-ldap_1.6.0-8.1_i386.changes INSTALLED into stable libapache-mod-lisp_2.43-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED libbit-vector-minimal-perl_1.3-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED libbit-vector-minimal-perl 1.3-1 MIGRATED to testing libbusiness-onlinepayment-tclink-perl_1.03-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED libbusiness-onlinepayment-tclink-perl 1.03-2 MIGRATED to testing libconvert-ber-perl 1.3101-2 MIGRATED to testing libdb-file-lock-perl_0.05-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED libemail-abstract-perl_2.01-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED libemail-abstract-perl 2.01-2 MIGRATED to testing libfile-find-rule-perl_0.28-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED libfile-find-rule-perl 0.28-2 MIGRATED to testing libjpeg-mmx 0.1.5-3 MIGRATED to testing liblogfile-rotate-perl_1.04-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED liblogfile-rotate-perl 1.04-2 MIGRATED to testing libmail-listdetector-perl_0.32-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED libmail-listdetector-perl_0.34-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED libmusicbrainz-2.1_2.1.2-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED libnet-ftpserver-perl_1.122-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED libnet-ftpserver-perl 1.122-1 MIGRATED to testing libnet-tclink-perl_3.4.0-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED libnet-tclink-perl 3.4.0-3 MIGRATED to testing libnumber-compare-perl_0.01-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED libnumber-compare-perl 0.01-2 MIGRATED to testing libpalm-perl_1.3.0-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED libsufary-ruby_8_i386.changes ACCEPTED libsufary-ruby 8 MIGRATED to testing libterm-progressbar-perl_2.09-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED libtext-glob-perl_0.06-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED libtext-glob-perl 0.06-2 MIGRATED to testing libticables3_3.9.6-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED libticables3 3.9.6-7 MIGRATED to testing libticalcs4_4.6.1-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED libticalcs4 4.6.1-2 MIGRATED to testing libtie-array-sorted-perl_1.4-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED libtie-array-sorted-perl 1.4-1 MIGRATED to testing libtifiles0_0.6.6-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED libtifiles0 0.6.6-2 MIGRATED to testing libtk-tablematrix-perl_1.2-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED manued-el 0.9.5-1 MIGRATED to testing metamail_2.7-47sarge1_i386.changes INSTALLED into stable mgapdesk_1.00.7beta-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED mimedecode 1.9-4 MIGRATED to testing mrt_2.2.2a-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED mrt_2.2.2a-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED multi-gnome-terminal_1.6.2-12_i386.changes ACCEPTED multi-gnome-terminal 1.6.2-12 MIGRATED to testing nbio 2.0-13 MIGRATED to testing neutrino_0.8.4-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED newbiedoc 0.6.0-1 MIGRATED to testing newbiedoc 0.6.0-2 MIGRATED to testing njbtools_0.0.1-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED (no subject) open new future inside pgaccess_0.98.8.20030520-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED pgaccess_0.98.8.20030520-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED pgaccess 1: MIGRATED to testing phalanx_22-17_i386.changes ACCEPTED php4-tclink_3.4.0-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED php4-tclink 3.4.0-4 MIGRATED to testing Please remove rules.old plotmtv_1.4.4t-9_i386.changes ACCEPTED pmidi_1.6.0-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED ppxp 0.2001080415-14 MIGRATED to testing Processed: #270751 - cannot decompress multipart rar 2.0 archives Processed: #270751 - unrar-free: cannot decompress multipart rar 2.0 archives Processed: 312552 Processed: Bug#356093: FTBFS with G++ 4.1: extra qualification ... Processed: Changing primary email address Processed: My new E-Mail address - migrate the bugs Processed: patch Processed: Re: Bug#263358: minit: Minit not to be included in sarge, experimental packaging Processed: Re: Bug#357453: reppu: Fails to execute blender Processed: Re: Bug#360484: Working again Processed: reopen 363482 Processed: reopening 280485 Processed: severity of 359995 is serious Processed: severity of 360416 is normal Processed: still in 0.7009-6 Processed: tag 345294 upstream Processed: tagging 345055 Processed: vcg still segfaults; when it does not, it fails assertion Processed: your mail Processing of achilles_2-5_i386.changes Processing of apple2_0.7.4-4_i386.changes Processing of arping_2.05-1_sparc.changes Processing of astrolog_5.40-3_i386.changes Processing of atitvout_0.4-4_i386.changes Processing of autopilot_1.21-2_powerpc.changes Processing of blackbook_3-5_i386.changes Processing of cfi_3.0-6_i386.changes Processing of cl-ftp_1.3.3-1_i386.changes Processing of cl-sdl_0.2.2-1_i386.changes Processing of cttex_1.23-1_i386.changes Processing of dancer-ircd_1.0.36-6_i386.changes Processing of deliver_2.1.14-4_i386.changes Processing of drawmap_2.5-2_i386.changes Processing of elisp-manual-ja_20-2.5-jp-5_i386.changes Processing of elisp-manual-ja_20-2.5-jp-6_i386.changes Processing of elisp-manual-ja_20-2.5-jp-7_i386.changes Processing of emacs-lisp-intro-ja_1.05+0.96-7_i386.changes Processing of emacs-lisp-intro-ja_1.05+0.96-8_i386.changes Processing of emacs-manual-ja_20.6-4_i386.changes Processing of emelfm_0.9.2-8_i386.changes Processing of estic_1.61-17_i386.changes Processing of falselogin_0.2-5_i386.changes Processing of galternatives_0.13_i386.changes Processing of gandalf_1.5-2_i386.changes Processing of glosstex_0.4-7_i386.changes Processing of haskell-hsql_1.6-7_i386.changes Processing of java2html_0.9.2-3_i386.changes Processing of libapache-mod-lisp_2.43-1_i386.changes Processing of libbit-vector-minimal-perl_1.3-1_i386.changes Processing of libbusiness-onlinepayment-tclink-perl_1.03-2_i386.changes Processing of libdb-file-lock-perl_0.05-2_i386.changes Processing of libemail-abstract-perl_2.01-2_i386.changes Processing of libfile-find-rule-perl_0.28-2_i386.changes Processing of liblogfile-rotate-perl_1.04-2_i386.changes Processing of libmail-listdetector-perl_0.32-1_i386.changes Processing of libmail-listdetector-perl_0.34-1_i386.changes Processing of libmusicbrainz-2.1_2.1.2-4_i386.changes Processing of libnet-ftpserver-perl_1.122-1_i386.changes Processing of libnet-tclink-perl_3.4.0-3_i386.changes Processing of libnumber-compare-perl_0.01-2_i386.changes Processing of libpalm-perl_1.3.0-5_i386.changes Processing of libsufary-ruby_8_i386.changes Processing of libterm-progressbar-perl_2.09-3_i386.changes Processing of libtext-glob-perl_0.06-2_i386.changes Processing of libticables3_3.9.6-7_i386.changes Processing of libticalcs4_4.6.1-2_i386.changes Processing of libtie-array-sorted-perl_1.4-1_i386.changes Processing of libtifiles0_0.6.6-2_i386.changes Processing of libtk-tablematrix-perl_1.2-5_i386.changes Processing of lua50_5.0.2-6_i386.changes Processing of mgapdesk_1.00.7beta-6_i386.changes Processing of mrt_2.2.2a-4_i386.changes Processing of mrt_2.2.2a-5_i386.changes Processing of multi-gnome-terminal_1.6.2-12_i386.changes Processing of neutrino_0.8.4-6_i386.changes Processing of njbtools_0.0.1-2_i386.changes Processing of pgaccess_0.98.8.20030520-3_i386.changes Processing of pgaccess_0.98.8.20030520-4_i386.changes Processing of phalanx_22-17_i386.changes Processing of php4-tclink_3.4.0-4_i386.changes Processing of plotmtv_1.4.4t-9_i386.changes Processing of pmidi_1.6.0-1_i386.changes Processing of python-tclink_3.4.0-2_i386.changes Processing of restartd_0.1.a-4_i386.changes Processing of rfb_0.6.1-12_i386.changes Processing of romeo_0.5.0-8_i386.changes Processing of rscheme_0.7.3.4.b3-1_i386.changes Processing of rscheme_0.7.3.4.b3-2_i386.changes Processing of rscheme_0.7.3.4.b3-3_i386.changes Processing of rscheme_0.7.3.4.b3-4_i386.changes Processing of sanduhr_1.0-6_i386.changes Processing of sgf2tex_3.3-5_i386.changes Processing of simulavr_0.1.2.2-3_i386.changes Processing of simulavr_0.1.2.2-4_i386.changes Processing of skinedit_1.26-4_i386.changes Processing of skktools_1.2-1_i386.changes Processing of spe_0.8.2a+repack-0.1_amd64.changes Processing of svncviewer_0.1.1-7_i386.changes Processing of svncviewer_0.1.1-8_i386.changes Processing of swedish_1.4.4_i386.changes Processing of swt-pocketpc_3.0-3_i386.changes Processing of tdfsb_0.0.8-3_i386.changes Processing of tdtd_0.7.1-12_i386.changes Processing of tela_2.0-11_i386.changes Processing of tidev-modules_2.0.4_i386.changes Processing of tiemu_2.00-2_i386.changes Processing of tilp_6.80-2_i386.changes Processing of tkps_1.18_i386.changes Processing of trr19_1.0beta5-18_i386.changes Processing of ttylog_0.1.b-4_i386.changes Processing of unifont_1.0-2_i386.changes Processing of unifont_1.0-3_i386.changes Processing of vcg_1.30debian-5_i386.changes Processing of windows-el_2.40-1_i386.changes Processing of wmdonkeymon_0.91-2_i386.changes Processing of wmmand_1.2.1-1_i386.changes Processing of wmmisc_1.1-1_i386.changes Processing of wmtune_1.1-2_i386.changes Processing of xbatt_1.2.1-5_i386.changes Processing of xbattle_5.4.1-13_i386.changes Processing of xboard_4.2.7-4_i386.changes Processing of xbox-raincoat_0.10-1_i386.changes Processing of xcircuit_3.1.19-2_i386.changes Processing of xclass_0.8.3-3_i386.changes Processing of xclass_0.8.3-4_i386.changes Processing of xenophilia_0.8-2_i386.changes Processing of xenophilia_0.8-3_i386.changes Processing of xfonts-artwiz_1.3-4_i386.changes Processing of xfonts-artwiz_1.3-5_i386.changes Processing of xfonts-thai_20060405_i386.changes Processing of xfonts-thai-etl_20040416-3_i386.changes Processing of xfonts-thai-etl_20040416-4_i386.changes Processing of xfonts-thai-manop_20040416-3_i386.changes Processing of xfonts-thai-manop_20040416-4_i386.changes Processing of xfonts-thai-nectec_20000526-4_i386.changes Processing of xfonts-thai-nectec_20000526-5_i386.changes Processing of xfonts-thai-nectec_20000526-6_i386.changes Processing of xfonts-thai-vor_20040416-3_i386.changes Processing of xfonts-thai-vor_20040416-4_i386.changes Processing of xgsmlib_0.2-5_i386.changes Processing of xiterm+thai_1.06.cvs20060109-1_i386.changes Processing of xsysinfo_1.7-3_i386.changes python-bsddb3 REMOVED from testing python-tclink_3.4.0-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED python-tclink 3.4.0-2 MIGRATED to testing restartd_0.1.a-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED restartd 0.1.a-4 MIGRATED to testing rfb_0.6.1-12_i386.changes ACCEPTED romeo_0.5.0-8_i386.changes ACCEPTED rscheme_0.7.3.4.b3-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED rscheme_0.7.3.4.b3-1_i386.changes REJECTED rscheme_0.7.3.4.b3-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED rscheme_0.7.3.4.b3-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED rscheme_0.7.3.4.b3-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED rsplib 1.0.0-4 MIGRATED to testing sanduhr 1.0-5 MIGRATED to testing sanduhr_1.0-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED sanduhr 1.0-6 MIGRATED to testing sfront 0.87-2 MIGRATED to testing sgf2tex_3.3-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED sgf2tex 3.3-5 MIGRATED to testing simulavr_0.1.2.2-3_i386.changes REJECTED simulavr_0.1.2.2-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED skinedit_1.26-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED skinedit 1.26-4 MIGRATED to testing spe_0.8.2a+repack-0.1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED svncviewer_0.1.1-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED svncviewer_0.1.1-8_i386.changes ACCEPTED swedish_1.4.4_i386.changes ACCEPTED swt-pocketpc_3.0-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED swt-pocketpc 3.0-3 MIGRATED to testing tapiir 0.7.1-8 MIGRATED to testing tdfsb_0.0.8-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED tdtd_0.7.1-12_i386.changes ACCEPTED tdtd 0.7.1-12 MIGRATED to testing tela_2.0-11_i386.changes ACCEPTED tictactoe 0.8.1-3 MIGRATED to testing tidev-modules_2.0.4_i386.changes ACCEPTED tidev-modules 2.0.4 MIGRATED to testing tiemu_2.00-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED tiemu 2.00-2 MIGRATED to testing tilp_6.80-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED tilp 6.80-2 MIGRATED to testing tkps_1.18_i386.changes ACCEPTED tkps 1.18 MIGRATED to testing tla-buildpackage 0.9.10 MIGRATED to testing trr19_1.0beta5-18_i386.changes ACCEPTED trr19 1.0beta5-18 MIGRATED to testing ttylog_0.1.b-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED ttylog 0.1.b-4 MIGRATED to testing type1inst 0.6.1-5 MIGRATED to testing unifont_1.0-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED unifont_1.0-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED unifont 1:1.0-3 MIGRATED to testing unrar-free 1:0.0.1-2 MIGRATED to testing vcg_1.30debian-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED Welcome to Levi1 wmdonkeymon_0.91-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED wmdonkeymon 0.91-2 MIGRATED to testing wmmand_1.2.1-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED wmmand 1.2.1-1 MIGRATED to testing wmmisc_1.1-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED wmmisc 1.1-1 MIGRATED to testing wmtune_1.1-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED xbatt 1.2.1-4 MIGRATED to testing xbatt_1.2.1-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED xbatt 1.2.1-5 MIGRATED to testing xbattle_5.4.1-13_i386.changes ACCEPTED xbattle 5.4.1-13 MIGRATED to testing xboard_4.2.7-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED xbox-raincoat_0.10-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED xcircuit_3.1.19-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED xclass_0.8.3-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED xclass_0.8.3-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED xenophilia_0.8-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED xenophilia_0.8-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED xfonts-artwiz_1.3-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED xfonts-artwiz_1.3-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED xfonts-thai_20060405_i386.changes ACCEPTED xfonts-thai 20060405 MIGRATED to testing xfonts-thai-etl_20040416-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED xfonts-thai-etl_20040416-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED xfonts-thai-manop_20040416-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED xfonts-thai-manop_20040416-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED xfonts-thai-nectec_20000526-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED xfonts-thai-nectec_20000526-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED xfonts-thai-nectec_20000526-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED xfonts-thai-vor_20040416-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED xfonts-thai-vor_20040416-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED xgsmlib_0.2-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED xiterm+thai_1.06.cvs20060109-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED xiterm+thai 1.06.cvs20060109-1 MIGRATED to testing The last update was on 17:49 GMT Sun Aug 16. 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