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Bug#263358: minit: Minit not to be included in sarge, experimental packaging

On Wed, Apr 05, 2006 at 07:45:39PM +0200, Erich Schubert wrote:
> Hi,
> > There's of course the question whether it should be removed altogether
> > since it's orphaned, but that's a different one, and I don't see a
> > pressing reason for that (there are a handful of users and no bugs).
> A couple of installations doesn't mean they ever bothered to configure
> it.
> I think the package shouldn't be in unstable either, maybe experimental.
> The package is not fit for a wider audience; those that can really setup
> minit are able to grab it from experimental or build it themselves.
As it stands, this package will move to testing.  Do you really want
that to happen?  I think an RC bug about "don't move to sarge" should
remain RC even after sarge released, unless someone agreeing to
maintain the package explicitly states that it is ready to be included
in whatever the upcoming stable release is, and right now, the package
doesn't have a maintainer, so I think this bug should remain opened,
and perhaps clone+severity+reassign+retitle for removal, no?

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