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Re: Bug#543907: Netbeans 6.9 and Dependencies Ready for Upload Bug#609499: ITP: jvyamlb -- pure Java YAML loader and dumper Bug#611148: ITP: urlrewritefilter -- Java Web Filter J2EE compliant based on mod_rewrite which allows to rewrite URLs Free Java @ FOSDEM 2011 - Talk Schedule Java application depending on binary dependent packages Joining the pkg-java team Maven3 - Meeting at FOSDEM with Fedora? Re: openid4java review Re: OpenJDK / default JDK for squeeze / issues on mips / open security issues for lenny Packages using ivy Package to depend on to print with Java (was: Re: geogebra) Re: RFS: gradle Re: RFS: javacsv [RFS] junit, apache-log4j1.2, libjdom1-java RFS: libconcurrentlinkedhashmap-java (new package needed for Grails) RFS: libcsv-java (updated package) RFS: libitext5-java RFS: libjava-gnome-java (updated package) RFS: trident RFS: xhtmlrenderer (new package, needed to package Grails) Suppressing EULA while installing Sun JDK, JRE on Debian Lenny .. tauru skanaas, kad vilnojas gaiss Updating Netbeans Vai alga 4510 USD menesi tevi interesee? Visa Latvijas TAGAD min miiklas! PIEDALIES!!! Jums ir ielozeeta miikla Nr. 31400 You have 1 new message from Ann !!! The last update was on 15:29 GMT Wed May 01. There are 70 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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