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Re: openid4java review

Hi Ludovic,
Thank you for your feedbacks
I'm more familiar with ant than with maven, that's why I used the ant way. Could you provide me the name of a package which uses both ant and maven build in a standard way, so I can use it as example?

2010/12/29 Ludovic Claude <ludovic.claude@laposte.net>

Thanks. Your package looks good.

It would have been nice to package also the Maven metadata, but this
would require a second build using Maven which splits the jar in several
parts. That will be an improvement for later if necessary, as I'm not
sure that all dependencies have proper Maven metadata already.


On 12/29/2010 10:25 PM, Xavier Oswald wrote:
> On 21:39 12/29/10, Ludovic Claude wrote:
>> Hello Xavier,
> Hello Ludovic,
>> What is the location of the git repository?
> git+ssh://git.debian.org/git/pkg-java/openid4java.git
>> Ludovic
>> On 12/28/2010 03:08 PM, Xavier Oswald wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> We have done with Olivier our first debian java package.
>>> Openid4java is in our git. Could someone have a look before I upload it.
>>> Thx.
>>> Greetings,
> Greetings,

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