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Bug#647642: marked as done (hurd: ^C trips assertion: intr-msg.c:389: _hurd_init_rpc_mach_msg: Assertion `m->header.msgh_id == msgid + 100' failed.) Bug#992746: plocate: FTBFS on Hurd/kFreeBSD: dependency "systemd" not found Bug#993343: OpenLDAP 2.5 FTBFS on GNU/Hurd: MAXPATHLEN undeclared Debian GNU/Hurd 2021 released! Debian Hurd release this week-end gnumach_1.8+git20210809-1_hurd-i386.changes REJECTED gnumach_1.8+git20210809-1_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable gnumach_1.8+git20210821-1_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable gnumach_1.8+git20210827-1_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable gnumach_1.8+git20210828-1_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Hurd Security vulnerabilities, please upgrade! hurd_0.9.git20210404-8_source-all.changes ACCEPTED into unstable hurd_0.9.git20210404-9_source-all.changes ACCEPTED into unstable hurd_0.9.git20210811-1_source-all.changes ACCEPTED into unstable hurd_0.9.git20210811-2_source-all.changes ACCEPTED into unstable hurd_0.9.git20210811-2_source-all.changes REJECTED hurd_0.9.git20210811-2_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable hurd_0.9.git20210811-3_source-all.changes ACCEPTED into unstable hurd_0.9.git20210811-4_source-all.changes ACCEPTED into unstable hurd_0.9.git20210811-5_source-all.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Installing on extended partition Re: Is Broadcom BCM4401-B0 supported? Processing of gnumach_1.8+git20210809-1_hurd-i386.changes Processing of gnumach_1.8+git20210809-1_source.changes Processing of gnumach_1.8+git20210821-1_source.changes Processing of gnumach_1.8+git20210827-1_source.changes Processing of gnumach_1.8+git20210828-1_source.changes Processing of hurd_0.9.git20210404-8_source-all.changes Processing of hurd_0.9.git20210404-9_source-all.changes Processing of hurd_0.9.git20210811-1_source-all.changes Processing of hurd_0.9.git20210811-2_source-all.changes Processing of hurd_0.9.git20210811-2_source.changes Processing of hurd_0.9.git20210811-3_source-all.changes Processing of hurd_0.9.git20210811-4_source-all.changes Processing of hurd_0.9.git20210811-5_source-all.changes Servicio de la flota The last update was on 20:40 GMT Tue Aug 31. There are 80 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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