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Installing on extended partition


I am trying to install the 2021 ISO on a computer with multiple OS already installed (IDE 150GB HDD), so I was trying to install Debian on a extended partition.

Since Hurd does not have USB support I tried installing it from a Live USB with qemu --hda /dev/sda --cdrom debian-hurd.iso. This does not work, because when I try to format a partition the format stays «do not use the partition», and when I try to go back to the main partman menu the drive disappears.

You can reproduce this running the installer and filling the 3 primary partitions, and then trying to create a extended partition.

After that I tried booting directly from the USB and loading the ISO (which I had dd'd into a partition) from the hard drive. The problem with this is that partman does not recognize the existing partition table.

Testing on a faster computer I think I can solve the first problem partitioning first from the Debian/Linux installer. However QEMU is too slow (takes quite a few hours to reach partman), so I would like to know if someone knows of a faster solution.

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