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Re: Installing on extended partition

Parodper, le jeu. 19 août 2021 20:34:19 +0200, a ecrit:
> O 19/08/21 ás 20:19, Samuel Thibault escribiu:
> > Parodper, le jeu. 19 août 2021 20:01:37 +0200, a ecrit:
> > > Aug 19 17:30:16 main-menu[1811]: (process:15055): Cannot create FIFO: No
> > > space left on device
> > 
> > That caught my eye: how much RAM does your machine have?
> > Optimizing the memory usage of the initrd is still on the TODO list.
> The real machine ~1.8GB.
> The QEMU on the real machine 900MB, and the tests on that mail 1G; that
> message appeared on both.

Ok, that should be enough.
I'm however not getting this message at all. What does df says? Normally
the ramdisk is 100M large, which should be enough to load the usual

I guess you'll have to be even more precise in your description of what
steps you perform, whenever they derive the slightest from the "just
press enter to get the default".


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