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Bug#647642: marked as done (hurd: ^C trips assertion: intr-msg.c:389: _hurd_init_rpc_mach_msg: Assertion `m->header.msgh_id == msgid + 100' failed.)

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and subject line Re: Bug#647642: hurd: ^C trips assertion: intr-msg.c:389: _hurd_init_rpc_mach_msg: Assertion `m->header.msgh_id == msgid + 100' failed.
has caused the Debian Bug report #647642,
regarding hurd: ^C trips assertion: intr-msg.c:389: _hurd_init_rpc_mach_msg: Assertion `m->header.msgh_id == msgid + 100' failed.
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Package: hurd
Version: 20110519-3


Glancing at buildd.debian.org today, I noticed that the git testsuite
has not been passing on hurd for a while.  Oh.  Running the test suite
by hand, we learn that t9100 and some other tests fail, because the
"svn import" command is completely broken:

	$ svn import -m 'some message' directory file://$(pwd)/target
	svn: Couldn't perform atomic initialization
	svn: disk I/O error
	svn: disk I/O error

But I digress.  In order to investigate that, I wanted a copy of a
reasonably-recent version of subversion, with debugging symbols.  So:

	$ svn checkout svn://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/subversion/trunk subversion

Which, um, just sits there.  Ok, so switch VTs and attach to it with gdb:

	$ ps | grep svn
	 5135  3 S     0:00.07 svn checkout svn://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/subversion/t
	 5140  1 S     0:00.00 grep svn
	$ gdb -p 5135
	GNU gdb (GDB) 7.3-debian
	Copyright (C) 2011 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
[more boilerplate snipped]
	Attaching to pid 5135
	[New Thread 5135.1]
	[New Thread 5135.2]

Let's see what it's up to:

	(gdb) continue
	warning: Can't wait for pid 5135: No child process

Now we return to the original VT and hit ^C.

	^Csvn: intr-msg.c:389: _hurd_intr_rpc_mach_msg: Assertion `m->header.msgh_id == msgid + 100' failed.

For completeness, I should mention what gdb sees, too.

	warning: Pid 5135 died with unknown exit status, using SIGKILL.

	Process terminated with SIGKILL, Killed.
	The program no longer exists.
	(gdb) quit

Reproducible.  Trying to interrupt the "svn checkout" with ^C without
gdb attached to it does nothing, by the way (it just continues
hanging).  ^\ kills it, though.

If there's any information I can provide to help track this down, just


$ dpkg-query -W hurd libc0.3 libsvn1
hurd	20110519-3
libc0.3	2.13-21
libsvn1	1.6.16dfsg-1

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Jonathan Nieder, le ven. 04 nov. 2011 15:00:57 -0500, a ecrit:
> Now we return to the original VT and hit ^C.
> 	^Csvn: intr-msg.c:389: _hurd_intr_rpc_mach_msg: Assertion `m->header.msgh_id == msgid + 100' failed.
> 	Aborted

I remember things like this, but also that it has not been happening for
a long time, probably fixed along the intr-msg.c changes.


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