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Re: Installing on extended partition

O 19/08/21 ás 20:19, Samuel Thibault escribiu:
Parodper, le jeu. 19 août 2021 20:01:37 +0200, a ecrit:
Aug 19 17:30:16 main-menu[1811]: (process:15055): Cannot create FIFO: No
space left on device

That caught my eye: how much RAM does your machine have?
Optimizing the memory usage of the initrd is still on the TODO list.


The real machine ~1.8GB.
The QEMU on the real machine 900MB, and the tests on that mail 1G; that message appeared on both.

The attached image is from a test for the response on your previous mail, qemu-system-i386 with -m 1G.

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