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Re: Installing on extended partition

O 19/08/21 ás 20:48, Samuel Thibault escribiu:
Samuel Thibault, le jeu. 19 août 2021 20:42:05 +0200, a ecrit:
whenever they derive the slightest from the "just press enter to get
the default".

(I meant deviate*)


For now I can easily reproduce the partition bug:

* Load QEMU. I do it with qemu-system-i386 --enable-kvm -m 1G -hda test.qcow2 -cdrom debian-hurd-2021-i386-DVD-1.iso

* Pseudo-graphical install. Everything default. «asdf» as root passwd & username+passwd.

* Manual partitioning. Everything default. I used 1G partitions, but size doesn't seem to matter. The bug can be triggered in 2 ways (these are the only combinations I tested):

- Create 5 logical partitions. On the fifth partition the drive disappears - Create the 3 primary + 2 logical. On the 2nd logical the drive disappears.

It will let you write the partitions to disk (probably, haven't tried if it installs fine), and if you «Go Back» to the main menu it will trigger the OOM message when trying to reenter partman.

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