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Re: Installing on extended partition

Parodper, le sam. 28 août 2021 10:56:07 +0200, a ecrit:
> I still get the unknown partition table, and doing head /dev/hd0s1 fails
> with a «Input/Output error». head /dev/hd0 works fine.
> Tried doing settrans -a /dev/hd0s1 /hurd/storeio -T typed part:1:device:hd0;
> head /dev/hd0s1 and still getting IO error. The command also ends and does
> not output any error.

Looking at hurd/libstore/part.c, I see

if (run.start % source->block_size != 0)
  err = EIO;
if (run.length % source->block_size != 0)
  err = EIO;

could it be that your partitions are not aligned on 4096 bytes?

> Side note, ls /dev is very slow (after a while I just cancel it), while echo
> /dev/* is instantaneous.

That is not surprising: ls uses stat, and thus triggers the start of
each and every translator in /dev. It should be able to terminate,
though, it could be useful to try

for i in /dev/* ; do echo $i ; ls $i ; done

to see which one apparently hangs.


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