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Re: Bug#978650: podman: please provide a default container registry for looking up short image names Bug#978951: ITP: golang-github-bep-godartsass -- Go API backed by the native Dart Sass Embedded executable Bug#979236: ITP: golang-github-nxadm-tail -- Go package for reading from continuously updated files Bug#979251: ITP: golang-github-netflix-go-expect -- expect-like golang library to automate terminal/console interactions Bug#979262: ITP: golang-github-hinshun-vt10x -- vt10x terminal emulation backend Bug#979271: ITP: golang-github-alecaivazis-survey -- golang library for building interactive prompts Bug#979346: ITP: golang-github-go-co-op-gocron -- easy and fluent Go cron scheduling Bug#979351: ITP: golang-github-goombaio-namegenerator -- random name generator implementation in Golang Bug#979356: ITP: golang-github-appleboy-gin-jwt -- JWT middleware for the Gin framework Bug#979359: ITP: golang-github-prometheus-prom2json -- tool to scrape a Prometheus client and dump the result as JSON Bug#979389: ITP: golang-github-go-openapi-inflect -- golang library providing functions applying grammar rules to English words Bug#979391: ITP: golang-github-facebook-ent -- entity framework for Go Bug#979473: ITP: golang-gitlab-gitlab-org-labkit -- A minimalist library to provide functionality for Go services at GitLab Bug#980179: ITP: kubecolor -- colorizes kubectl output Bug#980432: ITP: golang-github-jhump-protoreflect -- Reflection (Rich Descriptors) for Go Protocol Buffers Bug#980433: ITP: buf -- Bug#981217: ITP: golang-github-phpdave11-gofpdf -- A PDF document generator with high level support for text, drawing and images Bug#981415: ITP: golang-filippo-edwards25519 -- low-level implementation of the Ed25519 elliptic curve package moving to the Go Team Fix in golang-goprotobuf 1.3.4 Re: Go issues wrt. Debian infrastructure: moving forward golang-k8s-klog -- Leveled execution logs for Go (fork of ITP: golang-github-gdamore-tcell.v2 -- Tcell is an alternate terminal package, similar in some ways to termbox, but better in others. pkg-prometheus BSP tomorrow 28/1 21h UTC Please Review / Upload a bunch of packages Please Review / Upload golang-github-opencontainers-selinux Please Review / Upload golang-github-xenolf-lego Podman 3.0 and Debian bullseye Review / Upload of jhump-protoreflect + buf (experimental) RFS: golang-gitlab-gitlab-org-labkit -- LabKit provides functionality for Go services at GitLab Update of golang-github-gdamore-cell to 2.* Re: Updating golang-github-gin-gonic-gin to 1.6.3 various RFS to be able to update restic The last update was on 21:20 GMT Sun Jan 31. There are 83 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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