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Fix in golang-goprotobuf 1.3.4

Hello Go Team,

in order to solve #977652, I would need to modify & rebuild the package golang-goprotobuf.

The issue is that this package has many reverse build deps, as you might know already:

    $ build-rdeps golang-goprotobuf-dev
    Found a total of 218 reverse build-depend(s) for golang-goprotobuf-dev.

I did some work already, and it seems that the least invasive way to fix #977652 is simply to disable code regeneration and rebuild golang-goprotobuf. The diff in the binary package golang-goprotobuf-dev will then be very minor. I can post a diff if anyone is interested.

My question is: is it OK to update this package now, or is it too risky, and should I wait for after the freeze then?



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