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Re: Podman 3.0 and Debian bullseye

On Monday, 25 January 2021 10:47:25 PM AEDT Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> It seems that https://packages.qa.debian.org/n/nomad-driver-podman.html
> has never made it to testing, which makes me wonder whether
> it'll make it to bullseye.

Nothing should stop it from getting to "testing". It was blocked on
due to "autopkgtest-pkg-go" which is useless for binary-only packages.
At a time I did not mind because I was not sure whether it is
good enough for "testing".

Either way, it would be bad break perfectly working "nomad-driver-podman"
in "unstable" even though it has never been in "testing" yet.

> On the tradeoff "podman 3.0 with docker-compose" support vs.
> a "nomad driver for podman", I see more value for (more of)
> our users for the newer podman. I base that on popcon numbers:
>  - nomand: 35
>  - nomad-driver-podman: 4
>  - podman: 340

IMHO Nomad with Podman is more useful. Docker-compose is somewhat redundant
and with Nomad we have a proper container-based cluster orchestration with
service auto-discovery.

> > I'm running some of my infrastructure on "nomad-driver-podman" and loss
> > of Varlink is not acceptable to me until Podman and nomad-driver-podman
> > resolve some of the issues. I might happen soon, let's hope, but we
> > wouldn't know until it happen...
> Ouch, that's indeed unfortunate.

It is not unfortunate. Everything works as expected and how else would I know
whether technology is good enough for the next release? "Fix it for yourself
and for everyone else" has been my philosophy for some time. :)

The only unfortunate thing is regression on Podman side that is holding back
upgrade of "nomad-driver-podman" and de-commissioning of Varlink...

> Luckily it seems that issue
> has been fixed in latest master of nomad-driver-podman, cf.

No it hasn't... :( There is a serious regression:


> Maybe you can integrate that change into the Debian package?

As soon as the fix is available... 

All the best,
 Dmitry Smirnov
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