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Processed: cloning 610553, reassign -1 to di-utils-reboot Processed: correct submiter / merge bugs Processed: en_DK is not a "real use case" locale Processed: ethtool-lite incorrectly reports status of e1000e Processed: Fix committed, tagging as pending Processed: Fix committed, tagging pending Processed: fixing a previously reassign made with the wrong BR number Processed: Forcemerge, then Processed: found 605562 in 1.58 Processed: Fwd: Assigning to the right package Processed: Grouping questions in netcfg -- but which ones? Processed: limit source to netcfg, tagging 610553 Processed: Mass-merging Processed: merge reports on similar issues of grub-installer Processed: merging 611360 611359, tagging 611360 Processed: moreinfo Processed: Patch for hostname craziness Processed: Preseed: Debian Installer ignores hostname parameter Processed: Re: ΑΠ: win32-loader: please offer a "Boot from network with gPXE" option Processed: Re: Bug#496511: Please include simpledhcpd binary Processed: Re: Bug#509186: Closing 509186 Processed: Re: Bug#558036: Please include sdhci-pci module Processed: Re: Bug#598062: bug should be linked #598130 or closed Processed: Re: Bug#605562: installation-report: Installation from usb stick lead, to unbootable system (und unbootable usb stick) Processed: Re: Bug#608201: grub-installer: fails on live usb-hdd images (not on any other types) Re: Processed: Re: Bug#608522: postgresql-common.config: wrong use of $2 Processed: Re: Bug#608996: debian-installer: reference to vol_id in /etc/fstab should be replaced by blkid Processed: Re: Bug#609072: Trials over WLAN: Installation (The Process) Now Successful but Installation (The Result) Not Satisfactory Processed: Re: Bug#609213: keyboard-configuration: non-interactive installation broken Processed: Re: Bug#609704: debian-installer: preseed partitioning and configure RAID1 always ask for confirmation Processed: Re: Bug#609887: installation-reports: squeeze preseed recipe (partitioning) does not provide the same layout as lenny Processed: Re: Bug#609939: base: squeeze beta2 amd64 install fail in Acer3820: grub can't be installed Processed: Re: Bug#610498: installation-reports: D510MO-mainboard - where to find missing rtl81168d-1.fw? Processed: Re: Bug#610524: Preseed: Debian Installer asks for keyboard-configuration/variant Processed: Re: Bug#610553: installation-reports: does not cleanly deconfigure network configured with DHCP Processed: Re: Bug#610843: debian-installer: keyboard selection does not work with graphical installer Processed: Re: Bug#610885: default install fails on kfreebsd-amd64 Processed: Re: Bug#610892: Squeeze RC2 install bug "non-system disk or disk error". Processed: Re: Bug#611045: debian-installer: GRUB always installs in /dev/sda Processed: Re: Bug#611196: debian-installer: Make "Erasing data" step optional Processed: Re: Bug#611250: please support network bonding Processed: Re: Closing 509186 Processed: Re: disabling live-installer doesn't work Processed: Re: Grub installed to wrong disk Processed: Re: grub-installer: fails on live usb-hdd images (not on any other types) Processed: Re: installation-reports: USB Memory Stick Booting wrote Bootsector on USB Stick Processed: Re: oops and panic after hardware detection Processed: Re: os prober detects ufs partitions since 1.20 Processed: Re: Processed: Re: Bug#608522: postgresql-common.config: wrong use of $2 Processed: reassign 410735 to partman-base, forcibly merging 605516 410735 Processed: reassign 466857 to busybox, merging 466857 465290 Processed: reassign 590568 to iso-scan Processed: reassign 597005 to partman-base Processed: reassign 603578 to initramfs-tools, forcibly merging 608538 603578 Processed: reassign 608201 to grub-installer, reassign 608996 to partman-target Processed: reassign 608538 to initramfs-tools Processed: reassign 609293 to partman-base Processed: reassign 610302 to firmware-realtek Processed: reassign 610526 to netcfg, notfound 610526 in 1.59 Processed: reassign 610586 to upgrade-reports Processed: reassign 610599 to partman-auto Processed: reassign 610605 to preseed Processed: reassign 610739 to installation-guide Processed: reassign 611032 to hw-detect Processed: reassign 611045 to grub-installer Processed: reassign module loading issue to kernel-wedge Processed: reassign partitioning wishlist to partman Processed: reassign pcmcia issue to hw-detect Processed: reassign raid6 issue to partman-md Processed: reassign to grub-installer and merge with same issue reports Processed: reassign to proper package Processed: reassign wishlist to clock-setup Processed: reassign wishlist to tasksel Processed: reassign/retitle localization issue to network-console Processed: reassing gpt issues with booting from install-reports to grub-installer Processed: reopening 608641, reassign 608641 to cdebconf Processed: ressign ndiswrapper wishlist to netcfg Processed: retitle 595696 to console-setup should be able to select the font size according to SCREEN_WIDTH/HEIGHT, rasterizing one if needed Processed: retitle 610843 to Swiss Germand, Bulgarian, Swedish keymaps not working in D-I Processed: retitle and reassign to partman as it's a partitioning wishlist Processed: Retitle bug (was: netcfg link detection confused by multiple interfaces with the same driver) Processed: set versions Processed: setting package to netcfg netcfg-static, tagging 399071, tagging 496647 Processed: setting package to netcfg netcfg-static, tagging 414117 Processed: setting package to netcfg netcfg-static, tagging 606515 Processed: Severity of #604101 is important Processed: severity of 610525 is important Processed: severity of 610525 is normal, reassign 610525 to preseed Processed: severity of 610843 is important Processed: Stealing bug Processed: Suggested patch Processed: tag me some moreinfoz Processed: tagging 584538 Processed: tagging 599772 Processed: tagging 607417 Processed: tagging 607967 Processed: tagging 608996 Processed: tagging 609939 Processed: tagging 610843 Processed: tagging as pending bugs that are closed by packages in NEW Processed: taghelp Processed: the problem persists with Squeeze RC1 Processed: triage -> grub-installer reassignment Processed: unmerging 609722, reopening 609722, tagging 609722 Processed: wishlist it Processed: WTF? Processed: your mail Processing of apt-setup_0.52_i386.changes Processing of apt-setup_0.53_i386.changes Processing of cdebconf-entropy_0.20_amd64.changes Processing of cdebconf-terminal_0.13_amd64.changes Processing of cdrom-detect_1.38_i386.changes Processing of console-setup_1.67_i386.changes Processing of console-setup_1.68_amd64.changes Processing of debian-installer-netboot-images_20110106.b1_amd64.changes Processing of debian-installer_20110106_amd64.changes Processing of grub-installer_1.59_amd64.changes Processing of grub-installer_1.60_amd64.changes Processing of installation-guide_20110122_i386.changes Processing of live-installer_30_i386.changes Processing of netcfg_1.59_amd64.changes Processing of s390-netdevice_0.0.27_s390.changes Processing of win32-loader_0.6.22_amd64.changes propsed addition to d-i errata Re: Putting the manual in git post-squeeze? [was: Bug#610752: Make the link detection timeout preseedable] Re: Putting the manual in git post-squeeze? [was: Bug#610752: Make the link detection timeout preseedable] Ready to upload installation guide Recurrent "old builds" for D-I reopening 608641, reassign 608641 to cdebconf rescue 1.26 MIGRATED to testing rootskel 1.93 MIGRATED to testing rootskel-gtk 1.21 MIGRATED to testing s390-netdevice: my_debconf_input s390-netdevice_0.0.27_s390.changes ACCEPTED into unstable sibyl-installer 1.20 MIGRATED to testing silo-installer 1.20 MIGRATED to testing Spam cleaning effort: December 2010 SPARC daily d-i builds sparc errata for squeeze Fwd: sparc etch netboot image cant use oldstable Squeeze failed to find root file system on LVM Squeeze installer suggestion for reliable boot: disk-by-id Testers needed: WPA support in D-I tzsetup 1:0.33 MIGRATED to testing Upcoming Lenny point release Upcoming xkb-data-udeb tweaks user-setup 1.38 MIGRATED to testing what does "/%install%/" mean in adgtk.cfg win32-loader win32-loader_0.6.22_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable yaboot-installer 1.1.19 MIGRATED to testing zipl-installer 0.0.18 MIGRATED to testing The last update was on 06:33 GMT Sun May 20. 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