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Re: Testers needed: WPA support in D-I

Quoting Matthew Palmer (mpalmer@debian.org):

> Hey now, play nice.
> It's not that I *couldn't* go out and buy a cheap WPA-capable AP, it's that
> I just don't want to.  I only care about WPA support in netcfg in as much as
> it seems to be something that a number of people want, and there is/was a
> patch for it.  It doesn't benefit me, now or in the foreseeable future, to
> have it, so I'm not inclined to commit myself to it any more heavily than I
> already have.  Things that require me to unnecessarily spend money are
> orders of magnitude less desirable again.

Sure, I understand. Sorry if you felt this like a kind of pressure to
have you do what you don't want. It would be a shame, given the great
work you did already on netcfg...

I think that, anyway, the merge work of these WPA patches, which you
did, is already a great progress, and having it so early in the
squeeze release process will certainly motivate someone to make it

I suggest we wait for some mor einput, then the release of
squeeze....then merge everything in netcfg, upload it to
unstable....so that at least daily builds have your changes (and I can
work on the needed debconf templates).

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