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Re: Putting the manual in git post-squeeze? [was: Bug#610752: Make the link detection timeout preseedable]

Matthew Palmer wrote:
> [Taking this off-bug]
> On Sat, Jan 22, 2011 at 07:36:54AM +0100, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> > I indeed wonder it if would make sense to switch the i-g to git once
> > it is released.
> I think it would be worthwhile -- at the moment I'm queueing up changes to
> make to the manual, which just feels like it's going to end in tears.  It's
> not worth inconveniencing translators, though; developers can work around
> the problem (yay git-svn!) if it has to be.

So, the scripts don't look as bad as I'd heard.

There's this in rev-check:

svn diff -r $TREV:$3 ./en/$1

Here $TREV is revision the translation is indicated as being current to,
and $3 is I think the current revision of the english document. That
seems no problem:

git diff $TREV..$3 -- ./en/$1

Then in unfuzzy-xml:

svn cat -r $(($REV - 1)) en/$XML

So here we have math on svn revs, but something like this would work:

git checkout $REV^
cat en/$XMl
git checkout master

(A much smaller hammer than git checkout could be used here.)

Despite talk of the manual needing a VCS with ordered revision
numbers, that's the only thing I find that uses such an ordering, 
and git can handle the same thing using ^ as shown.

see shy jo

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