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Re: win32-loader

Didier 'OdyX' Raboud  at "Tue, 4 Jan 2011 12:44:43 +0100" wrote:
 D'R> Le Sunday 2 January 2011 14:53:21 Stefano Canepa, vous avez écrit :
 >> Hi all,
 >> I installed my new notebook using win32-loader, everything went ok and now
 >> I have a working debian system dualbooting with Win7 but when I boot the
 >> second operating system its boot menu continues to present the option to
 >> boot debian installer. What I did the wrong way? It's this a bug I can help
 >> finding out how to solve.
 >> Bye
 >> Stefano

 D'R> Hi Stefano, 

 D'R> thanks for your report: it's nice to see win32-loader in action. You should try 
 D'R> to uninstall win32-loader from within Windows 7 (the uninstallation executable 
 D'R> might be hard to find as it has a weird name, but it carries the Debian swirl; 
 D'R> this will maybe be handled post-Squeeze). Its uninstallation is supposed to 
 D'R> remove the "Debian Installer" entry that is added to the Windows boot loader (if 
 D'R> it does not or fails otherwise, that's a bug.

 D'R> Cheers, 

 D'R> OdyX

I found win32-loader unistaller in C:\Programmi\ (I have the italian
version of Win7), I used it but it gave an errore (Cannot execute
C:\Windows\system\bcdedit.exe), rebooting I still see the "continue
installation" prompt at Win7 boot time, so I think this is a bug. I'll
report it ASAP.

I don't know if this could be a problem, I don't think so, but after
installing Debian I boot my Win7 as a virtual machine using virtualbox. 

Thanks for your help.


Stefano Canepa aka sc: sc@linux.it - http://www.stefanocanepa.it
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Le tre grandi virtù di un programmatore: pigrizia, impazienza e
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